Manchester United confirms the signing of Raphael Varane

Manchester United confirms the signing of Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane enjoyed the first match of his team Manchester United, although he did so from the stands due to the restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom due to the pandemic

Manchester United confirmed this Saturday the signing of Raphael Varane, after announcing on July 27 that it had reached an agreement with Real Madrid to incorporate the French central for the next four seasons.

However, the English club has so far not been able to register the player in the Premier League because it was pending to comply with the quarantine period imposed by the pandemic to enter the United Kingdom and waiting to obtain your visa to reside in this country.

This delay has prevented 28-year-old Varane from making his debut today with his new team in the league debut, which faces the Red Devils against Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United.

“Manchester United is one of the most iconic clubs in the world of football and could not refuse the opportunity to come here and play in the Premier League,” said the footballer in a statement released by the entity.

His coach, Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, declared himself “absolutely delighted” to have on his squad “one of the best defenders in the world for the last ten years”.

Raphael has proven to be a winner, whom we have followed for a long time, and we know that he is a fully committed professional.“added the United manager.

He recalled that, after “winning everything” with Real Madrid and the French national team, Varane is still “determined to achieve more success.”

There are still many things I want to achieve in my career and I know that I am joining a team full of great players who share my determination to win games and trophies.“, stressed the French footballer.