Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola linked in ‘dark business’ case called The Pandora Papers | Football | sports

The most prominent names are Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile, the singer Shakira, among others.

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Josep Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, is featured in a case about opaque business in a publication called Pandora’s Papers, signed by more than a hundred international media.

As reported by the newspaper The country and the digital channel The sixth from Spain, the FC Barcelona legend, as a player and coach, received the salary he earned as a footballer at Al-Áhli in Qatar and did not declare it to the Treasury while he was directing the Barça team. A list that also includes Shakira, singer and partner of Gerard Piqué, publishes the newspaper ACE from Spain.

The newspaper also adds that Guardiola was the holder of a current account in Andorra until 2012, in which he entered the money he received from the Qatari club when he played as a footballer there, and that at that time he accepted the tax amnesty law that he approved the Government chaired by Mariano Rajoy.

This tax reform included that people in an irregular situation paid 10% to regularize their situation.

At the time that Guardiola accepted this reform, always according to The country, regularized $ 1,100,000 with a payment of 10% of the interest generated by its funds, which were not previously prescribed, as mentioned in the aforementioned media.

Guardiola appeared in a society in Panama

Secondly, The country ensures that the coach of the Manchester team also appeared as attorney-in-fact for a company in Panama, called Repox Investments, according to a document from the Alcogal law firm (Alemán, Cordero, Galindo & Lee). This law firm, the information points out, is one of those that is in the focus of this investigation.

The existence of this company, according to the information it collects The countryIt has nothing to do with either the Barcelona Football Club or with Pep Guardiola’s economic interests in the Panamanian country. In addition, their work was limited solely and exclusively to acting as a ‘screen’ to hide the identity of the account holder in Andorra.

What are Pandora Papers?

The Pandora Papers make up the investigation carried out by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on the leakage of private documents from law firms about the management of companies in tax havens.

Some of the more prominent names that appear are Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile; the Colombian singer Shakira, among others.

Pep Guardiola appears on a list that includes more than 600 Spaniards, among whom are also the singers Julio Iglesias and Miguel Bosé. (D)