Sweating purple ink

The Reds came out with great intensity, looking for the counterattack and having a very good effectiveness both in their three-point shots and in the paint. With a layup from Pereira and a triple from Pages, those from Pocitos won 8-4 in four minutes of the game. However, what was a great start in which the merged did not achieve the gap to hurt, became a passage in which Schiavo’s driving and Ale’s converted shots hurt and much on offense, to such an extent that they turned the score. The first quarter went with violets up 14-12.

The last passage of the first 10 minutes served a lot for Gino Alderete’s team to settle into the game. Although the effectiveness was not the best in their outings in attack, they were able to control the advantage obtained in the first boy. The offensives of Gastón Silva’s team were not so sharp, but they allowed them to stay very close on the scoreboard -Durán with free games managed to place them down by one to two at halftime-. The merged players had their best card in Da Costa, which with their mobility in attack led their team to go with a 24-20 advantage at halftime.

Those of Pocitos came out determined to turn the scoreboard and they did it, they did it very quickly. A bomb from Álvez and a layup from Durán at 8:53 put them on top of the score by a minimum. It was there, however, that a purple barrage occurred. And yes, for something we talk about the defenders of the title. Rivera, Schiavo and Cordara divided the points and managed to get 15, the maximum difference of the game at 2:14 of the third quarter. A last minute of great claw from Pocitos’ girls shortened the distance, the third quarter ended 50-37.

The difference was very big despite the rebellion of those from Trouville who kept trying to the end. The last quarter of Krystal Cordara in the scoring was very important to maintain and even increase the distance, a distance that became insurmountable. Little by little the curtain fell and Defensor Sporting, with a worked victory, took the game 76-48.