Live transfer market: a forward for Mourinho, Umtiti with Pep and United for Trippier

1627374962 Live transfer market a forward for Mourinho Umtiti with Pep

Nor just from Varane Y Bryan gil lives the addict to the summer checker. All the little stories, rumors, milongazas … also the big ones, of course, but it’s nice to see how they grow from “triples” that appear as a means of joke until, a few chosen ones, end up becoming official presentations. There is no euro, except (it seems) in Manchester United, so the ingenuity to manage a tetris of transfers, exchanges or transfers caught with tweezers and “payable” in the next 35 years is leaving true works of art: record as you can . We started!

Live transfer market on Tuesday 27 July


9.59 hours. Suitors for Aaron Ramsey

Tottenham and Wolverhampton move for Ramsey, which has all the earmarks of having the days counted at Juve, according to the British newspaper Daily express.


9.33 hours. The link between Trippier and United that seems to have no money problems

After Varane Y Jadon sancho, Manchester United seem to have been wanting more. According to the Daily Mail another of the objectives of Soljskaer It is the side of the Atltico de Madrid Kieran trippier. In fact, they venture that Trippier himself is the one who is crazy about music, although well, let’s say that this rumor can be safely left in the fridge, for now, a few millimeters from taking out the “milongaza” headband. After some 135 million euros invested in Sancho Y VaraneIt is difficult for us to understand how they are going to call Miguel ngel Gil’s office to ask about the British man, but there they …

Live transfer market a forward for Mourinho Umtiti with Pep

9.27 hours. Another service from Pep al Bara

Guardiola needs a central and Bara to get rid of the salary of Umtiti one way or the other. If the French defender’s knee responds as it is responding, Manchester seems the most likely destination of the French international to reinforce the back of City, which has already suffered the goodbye Eric al Bara and is aware of what happens with Aymeric laporte in what remains of the market. They are condemned to understand each other.


9.18 hours. A forward to replace Dzeko in Roma

Even if Edin dzeko insists on ensuring that he does not intend to move from Roma, the team of Mourinho he does not stop looking for reinforcements for the attack. According to the Italian media CultofCalcium, the best placed by far over the others is the Iranian striker of Zenit Sardar azmoun. At 26 years old and 1.86 meters tall, his market value is around 25 million euros. Bayer Leverkusen also wants him, which has already offered 20 million for him.