Javier Hernández takes sides and confirms a decision that impacts in Mexico

Javier Chicharito Hernández takes sides in a dispute and confirms his decision that impacts all of Mexico.

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Javier Chicharito Hernández is undoubtedly one of the personalities that has the most impact in Mexico every time news of his is revealed.

It is clear that the striker has been the Mexican who best represented footballers at the European level in recent years and as the historic scorer of the Mexico National Team, he has an unparalleled impact.

For that reason, Hernández took sides in a historical comparison that took place these days and shocked all of Mexico with his decision.

Chicharito chose his favorite player between Ronaldo Nazario or Cristiano Ronaldo, and did not hesitate to choose the Brazilian player who knew how to shine during his childhood.

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Today is the day of a two-time World Cup champion. Today we celebrate a legend who won the Ballon d’Or twice. Today we celebrate a footballer who was a scoring leader in both Barça and Real Madrid. Today is the anniversary of the monster that not even two serious knee injuries could stop. Today is the birthday of the best 9 in all history. There are many cracks, but only HE Phenomenon
“says the headline that Hernández reposted.

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