Absence of WWE wrestler from the weekly programming – Planeta Wrestling

In the last program of the red mark you could see a betrayal that many people had been waiting for months. The company sins on several occasions of not ending stories that give us the opportunity to think about something obvious. Let it be the case of Dominik’s possible betrayal with his father.

The most relevant fact is the fight between Nia and Shayna, a dispute that could be played with since they lost the championship with much more interest than months later. It came after neither of them could win the title from Charlotte Flair.

Something that does not make much sense since the own Nia beat Charlotte in a weekly Raw and Shayna acted when no one thought about it. A story of betrayal that Vince loves so much that right now it is on the brand itself. The aftermath of the attack goes without saying.

Shayna, in the style of her time in NXT, destroyed her traveling companion for a long year and was left alone proving to be more powerful than Nia. With the scream of not being able to breathe and the screams, everything indicates that the fighter is going to take a break from the weekly schedule.

Everything is indicated to take this story to another PPV or rivalry of a weekly Raw. But with the end of that story most likely one of two or there are short term plans here or Nia needs a break after several weeks showing up on the red mark.

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