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A couple of days ago we reported from this website an information from journalist Dave Meltzer about the abandonment of the building of 1500 people during a segment of Raw between champion Charlotte and new championship challenger Alexa Bliss.

Sorry Meltzer (or whatever), you can’t get influence from our segment… keep going #StopLying#LitterallyDidntHappen#YoureEmbarassingYourself

The response of the fighter through social networks was overwhelming. Responding to the journalist’s information and questioning his information. Since for Alexa it is a lack of respect that she seeks to harm WWE and in this case the wrestlers for something personal towards the company.

The question is clear, is what Meltzer said true?

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that someone at WWE who was in the building sent him a text message to confirm that hundreds of people left during the segment, but the source questioned the number Meltzer reported and added that the number was closer to 700.

This confirms that Meltzer’s information was false since he had a wrong number in a total of 800 people, more than half of those who were able to leave the building during the segment. Still, there is no denying that he was wrong to say that so many people have not left a live show for a segment in a long time. He has some reason when he says that people may find the segment childish and annoying, because even if they are 700 or 1500 it is worrying. But it is not the first time that it happens, neither in WWE nor in AEW.

Alvarez said:

“Dave last night on Observer Radio said that during that segment of the interview, 1500 people came out. Well, if you’ve been to social media today, which is true I didn’t, but I can tell you this. Alexa was upset by this report and this is what I can tell you, okay? Forget a fan, Dave, or just some random guy in the building. Last night during the show, shortly after the Alexa Bliss-Charlotte segment, someone in WWE [y] in the building, not just any fan. This is someone who works for the company and was in the building. They actually texted all of us and said 700 people had left, 700 “.

Álvarez continued:

“So last night on Observer Radio, Dave said 1500. Well, today, that same person questioned the 1500 but reiterated and this is a quote that they ‘would be by the number of 700’. So now we’re breaking our hair or whatever. This is from someone who was in the building, not looking at home [sino] in the building. It is very clear that hundreds of people withdrew. Was it 700, was it 900, was it 564, was it 1,500? Brother, I don’t know, wasn’t it okay? I know she’s angry. I’d probably get mad too if I did some segment and people left, but it seems to be a factual statement that multiple people dropped out during that segment. I don’t know what the actual number was, I wasn’t there, but there were people who dropped out during that segment. Is this the end of the world? No. Do you know what else I heard from that person? That they sold a lot of merchandise, which would probably mean dolls and shirts and whatever. Alexa will get her merchandise paycheck and hopefully that will make her feel better, but there are both good and bad to this story. That’s what I can tell you about what happened last night during that segment. “

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