James would leave Everton now, where to ?: rumor on social networks

What is happening between James Rodríguez and Everton? The rumors because he does not play with Rafa Benítez are confusing and nobody believes that the truth is being told. The Colombian said a few days ago that he is physically fit to play again, but at the club they think otherwise.

This Sunday, social networks exploded and James became a trend, for a rumor that the coffee grower is in talks with the club ‘toffee’ to disengage this season, despite the fact that he has one year left on his contract.

And where is James going to go at this point in the season, with the transfer market closed across Europe?

According to the account @ElBobble, on Twitter, “Everton and James Rodríguez are still in talks to separate. Everton are already in talks with a club from the United Arab Emirates, where the transfer window has a few more days to close ”.

The surprise publication alerted the Everton fans, who regret that possible exit to be true. The main party accounts, which cover the day-to-day life of the Liverpool club, have replicated the rumor.

Another curious fact that has made James Rodríguez viral was the publication on Instagram of an unsuspecting person, in which a photo was taken with the Colombian at the Manchester airport. Immediately many wondered if James was in another city in England to visit his friend Cristiano Ronaldo, or is already anticipating his departure from Everton.