James assists, becomes enraged and is sent off in defeat

James Rodríguez looks physically at one hundred percent, the midfielder added 90 minutes again. The ’10’ was the clearest in attack by Al Rayyan who fell 2-1 as a visitor to Al Arabi. He again received the strong game of the Qatari League and in the end exploded by a hard tackle. He faced the rivals, the judge took him yellow, he again reproached him for the fault and He lowered his hand to the referee, something that he did not accept and that immediately caused them to take the second card. The Colombian ran to the locker room.

In the game he was active, gave an assist for the discount and then went head-to-head with Abdulaziz Hatem who defined very poorly. When the ball passes his feet, Al Rayyan has clear scoring options. However, the team continues to make many mistakes on defense.

James takes the first blows

The game started with great intensity. Al Arabi pressed and sought to open the scoring in the first minutes. Al Rayyan was so caught in his own goal that James Rodríguez had to go down to help in the front row of flyers to take the team from behind.

The ’10’ began to receive the first blows and strong entries. In the 11th minute it was Al Arabi with Boupendza who entered the area alone. In 18 ‘the locals were close again. Captain Abdullah Marafee He took advantage of a defensive error and finished off powerful inside the area, the stick saved Al Rayyan.

The locals were the ones who most insisted on opening the scoring, Al Rayyan’s defense was very static and with little reaction. James was the clearest in Al Rayyan, at minute 26 he received a strong foul close to the goal. The ’10’ grabbed the ball and charged it, the goalkeeper Sataa Abdul Al Abbasi had to save it in two halves.

James’ expulsion and assistance

In the second half, Al Rayyan advanced lines and once again James was the one who received the most fouls. With the spaces left by those led by Blanc, Al Arabi took advantage and in the 48th minute he found the goal. Great score by Esmaeili who grabbed the rebound left by goalkeeper Fahad Baker after a powerful shot from Boupendza.

Al Arabi took confidence and looked for the second, in 50 ‘he almost succeeded with Boupendza, who defined very poorly. It only took three minutes for the locals to increase the score. Defensive error by Al Rayyan and definition by Abdulrahman Fahmi Moustafa who was left alone before the goalkeeper.

Al Rayyan reacted and managed to discount at 69 ‘after a perfect assist from James to Boli that he defined head-on. Those led by Blanc continued to insist and in 71 ‘, again the’ 10 ‘was revived and took a foul at risk, however, Sataa Abdul Al Abbasi flew to save Abdulaziz Hatem’s shot.

The Colombian was much more active in the second half, in the final minutes he received a hard foul near the area from Ahmed Fathy. James got up and protested to the judge who got him yellow, then argued with rivals and he reprimanded the referee who did not hesitate to get the second and send him off.

With this defeat Al Rayyan was sixth with 9 points. On the next date he will face Al Gharafa on November 3 at 9:15 am James would return until the December 21 game against Qatar SC.

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James assists, becomes enraged and is sent off in defeat