NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 8 games

The Week 8 The 2021 NFL season kicked off Thursday night with the thrilling victory of the Green bay packers, 24-21 on Arizona cardinals, ending the league’s last undefeated.

The action continues this Sunday with duels that promise to be just as exciting and there are even tough tests for teams that look like legitimate playoff contenders.

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These are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss any of the remaining matches of Week 8:


At the beginning of the season it was not unreasonable to think that these two teams would be fighting to define the AFC North champion, today their fight is for not finishing at the bottom of the division.

The Steelers grapple with multiple problems on offense despite their recent wins, turnover is a question mark with Ben Roethlisberger under center, the Browns, for their part, must better protect Baker Mayfield if they want to go far in the year and Any oversight on the line could translate into a more serious injury that sidelines the quarterback for a significant amount of time.



The last time they met, the Dolphins came off the field beaten, shut out and without quarterback Tua Tagovailoa due to injury, probably facing a similar scenario this week.

Buffalo remains a strong candidate to go far in the playoffs and they won’t take their foot off the gas against a divisional rival who looks weaker and more questionable with each passing week in all areas, including the head coach job.


This may be the last “comfortable” game for the Lions for the remainder of the season, assuming Russell Wilson will be available for the Seahawks when they face them later in the season.

If Detroit fails to beat Philadelphia at home, it has a good chance of becoming the first team in history to end a season 0-17.


The Colts have a right to dream of a win that brings them closer together in the fight for the AFC South, but the reality can be stark when you meet her head-on in the form of Derrick Henry.

The Titans can deliver a final blow to the table this week by eliminating their closest rival in the division with a sweep in the annual series, so they will surely take this game very seriously not to give Indianapolis a chance to fight.


Last week the Texans put up resistance against the Cardinals, but I doubt the same will happen this Sunday against the Rams, who surely learned from their lesson against the Lions of taking games seriously against any opponent no matter how weak they may seem.


Head coach Matt Nagy will be unable to be present after failing to approve the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol and special teams coordinator Chris Tabor will take his place.

This is not good news for the Bears, who are coming off a painful loss to the Buccaneers and needed to have all their weapons available to host the 49ers, as if that weren’t enough pass rusher Khalil Mack will miss the game through injury.

This looks like a game for San Francisco to regain the confidence lost in recent weeks and escape with victory.


This game has a touch of morbid, because we will all be watching Sam Darnold’s performance and if he starts to make mistakes how long it will take for head coach Matt Rhule to bench him.

Darnold could be playing his future in Carolina and the Falcons have the ability to put points on the scoreboard with their renewed offense, in case they take the advantage early and force the Panthers to throw to reach them on the scoreboard, the errors of the hit will surely come. quarterback.


This is a cheat game for the Bengals, after their surprise victory last week over the Ravens to take the lead of the AFC North, they visit the weak Jets who already have experience this season winning games where they look like victims to be beaten.

New York’s only win this year was over the Titans, so we shouldn’t give them up for dead ahead of time and although it seems unlikely, let’s not rule out that they will give Cincinnati more of a fight than expected.


This game may present us with one of the great quarterback duels for the next few years with Mac Jones and Justin Herbert, both have shown their great talent and that their franchises can rest easy going into the future with the most important position in the game covered.

The Bolts have lost a bit of power after a good start to the season, but they have not stopped being dangerous, the Patriots are still finding rhythm, but last week they showed that they can take advantage of what the opposing defenses concede.

If it turns into a high-point matchup, it will be interesting to see Jones trying to stay in the fight.


If the Seahawks are going to get back on the road to victory there is no better game than a home game against the Jaguars, but it won’t be a walk in the park, either.

Little by little Trevor Lawrence is settling behind Jacksonville’s porous offensive line and if he finds a rhythm he could soon put the Seattle defense in a tight spot, which at this point in the season remains a mystery.

Also, after two weeks as a starter, it’s time to expect more from Geno Smith with the Seahawks.


The champion Buccaneers have a chance to extend the best start in franchise history (6-1) with a comfortable schedule that pits them against the Saints, Washington and the Giants in their next three outings.

For the Saints, this game could help them match Tampa Bay at the top of the NFC South despite being in a rebuilding season in which they have yet to find solid answers on offense.


The Broncos come from not being able to beat the Browns substitutes, because basically the difference in total talent between the two ended up setting the course of the game, but this week the opponent seems more comfortable to straighten the course after falling into a pothole of multiple consecutive defeats.

Washington still does not find stability in its attack and although the defense has been solid, while Taylor Heinicke does not manage to sustain the series, it is difficult for Washington to win week after week.


The question we’re all asking ourselves right now is, will it play Dak prescott?

The quarterback suffered a calf injury on the last play of the victory over the New England Patriots on October 17 and you would think two weeks was more than enough to heal, but the fact that his availability is in doubt at that time. of repose speaks of a severity that could marginalize him even longer.

Yes Prescott can’t play, next turn is Cooper rush, who has completed a pass in the NFL, Will grier He is the No. 3 quarterback and although he has two starts of professional experience, he does not offer too many guarantees for Dallas.

While uncertainty tends to work against defenses, it is unlikely that Vikings feel really threatened on that side of the ball if Prescott it is not the owner.




This may be the last call for the Chiefs who have a very difficult schedule with the Packers, Raiders and Cowboys on the horizon, so it would be a very heavy slab to lift to reach that stretch with a 3-5 record.

New York, for its part, showed last week that it can take advantage of the offensive errors of its rival in turn and that is a department where Kansas City has shone in recent weeks.

It will be interesting to see if the Chiefs manage to correct their mistakes or the Giants score another victory that no one expects.





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NFL: Reasons not to miss Week 8 games