He ‘see us chubby’ at Cardona in full Argentine madness

1625679136 He see us chubby at Cardona in full Argentine madness

Draw Martinez He was the great hero of the Argentine qualification to the final of the Copa América, with key interventions during the 90 minutes and three penalties saved in the definition. And in full euphoric celebration, the players of the National Team went to look for him Edwin cardona, who missed the last shot, to spend it: “See you chubby.”

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.The game had heated up. A kick from Fabra had him Messi with blood red ankle and the final moments of the crossing, already tied 1-1, was with a strong leg. That, added to a weak refereeing by Valenzuela, made everyone reach the definition with their nerves on edge. Everyone except Draw Martínez.

With nerves of steel, the goalkeeper got bigger on penalties, chatted to the Colombians and saved three shots to put Argentina in Saturday’s final against Brazil. Borja, who did put his, nailed a little dance in front of the Aston Villa goalkeeper, but it was the National Team that laughed last.

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In the middle of the race to hug Martínez, the Argentine players passed Cardona. On the 10th of Boca he had not been able to draw and he got all the final charges. ¿Was it Paredes who spent it ?: had they had a cross during the second half, when the PSG player fouled him, then he hit him with his knee and Edwin reacted, until the judge intervened to stop.

Or was it Pezzella, or was it someone who doesn’t appear in the video? The truth is that the joy was all albiceleste and the “we see you chubby” did not take long to go viral.

.Unlike what happened with the previous three kickers, the Draw did not do the psychological to Cardona, who kicked the fifth. The one from Boca, who had bitten her against River and had taken the save by River’s archer, this time she had to bear that Martinez covered her on the left. And immediately see how all Argentines came out to celebrate, even with that scream of spending, hot.

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The Argentine midfielder, while the second half passed and the Albiceleste still won 1-0 (at 60 ‘), had a spicy cross with the coffee attacker, who had entered the field seconds before. As soon as he came into contact with the ball, Borja received a pass with his back to the goal, turned and from medium distance tried to surprise Draw Martínez, but his shot went wide. Paredes, who was nearby, said “you’re terrible” in passing and continued on his way.

Borja: from “Martínez spoke too much” to what he said before the penalty

Martinez also made a play on words to distract him in the run-up to the auction: “You like to wait for you, uh. You like to wait, shit. You were talking at halftime,” he said. “Martinez, with words like that,” was the warning from referee Valenzuela. But Draw ignored him and continued: “I know you. You like to look, don’t you? Look at my face, look at me.” Later, Borja defined the medium strong and converted, shouting it loudly and even throwing a little dance. All next to the Argentine goalkeeper.

What did Borja say todra before the execution? “Martínez spoke too much. I told him to be calm, that I have the backing of God, and this is football,” said the Palmeiras striker after Colombia’s elimination from the Copa América. The truth is that, during the game against Argentina, the interdict with Draw was not the only one that the former Junior from Barranquilla had: in the second half, as soon as he entered, he also had a cross with Leandro Paredes.