Haaland forces a decision

The Haaland operation (21 years old) enters its most decisive phase in the next few hours. The meeting to which Borussia and the player had been summoned, which had been postponed due to agent Mino Raiola’s health problems, is getting closer to happening. In it, Haaland will announce to the German leaders his firm intention to exercise the clause that allows him to leave the team this summer. On the other hand, these are intense days for Raiola himself, who has already resumed almost one hundred percent of his activity, and for his small team of collaborators…

Haaland continues to keep open all the options that have been put on the table in recent months (mainly Real Madrid, Manchester City, PSG, United and Barcelona) although, As AS has been counting, they have given absolute priority to the white team. According to sources close to the player familiar with the negotiations, Real Madrid made it very clear to Raiola that, if he wanted to leave Borussia, his intention was to sign him. For his part, Haaland said yes to Madrid. However, The Norwegian and his family live these last few days with some concern, as Benzema’s great moment casts doubt on the intentions that Real Madrid may have to take that big step. The Frenchman continues to grow and grow despite his 34 years and it is easy to guess that he still has at least a couple more seasons left at the same level. On the other hand, next year will also feature Madrid in attack with Mbappé, and Vinicius…

The ball is on the roof of the white club, they understand from the side of the Norwegian player, who in any case has an exceptional exit guaranteed because the bid for his services (encouraged by Mino Raiola himself) continues these days. The Daily Mail reported, in recent hours, the latest step taken by Guardiola’s Manchester City, which would also have reached, according to the tabloid, an agreement on amounts with the footballer and his agent.

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With nothing signed and everything to decide, the situation around Haaland is hyperdynamic. The season of the teams that bid for him decisively influences the force they will make to hire him. PSG, which has such good relations with Raiola, is in a position to propose a stratospheric move economically once Mbappé’s departure materializes. However, the French is not a league that seduces the Norwegian. Yes, the Premier of United and City, or the Spanish of Barça and Madrid. Laporta fell short of the money it takes to sign Haaland. Signing him for five years requires an approximate expense of 350 million: 200 for the player’s salary, who wants to collect 20 net per campaign (40 gross) and 150 for the transfer and commissions.

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Haaland forces a decision