Gonzalo Plata met Ronaldo during his first training session with Valladolid | Ecuadorians Abroad | sports

The talented Ecuadorian winger joined the Valladolid discipline last Saturday. This Monday he trained with all his teammates.

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Coach José Rojo Pacheta already has the entire squad, after Gonzalo Plata joined the Real Valladolid discipline last Saturday. The Ecuadorian arrived in one of the charters arranged by LaLiga for the South American players who participated in the qualifying matches for the 2002 World Cup in Qatar, exercised for the first time and met Ronaldo Nazario, who was present at that training session before the tough defeat conceded against Tenerife.

In the recent triple date of the South American tie, the winger of the Tricolor participated in the three matches of his National Team, starting from the bench in the first two, in the victory against Paraguay 2-0 and the draw against Chile , and starting in a 1-0 loss to Uruguay on Thursday. He signed 151 minutes, which, together with the fact that he has completed only one training session, makes his participation difficult.

Ronaldo Nazário, president of Real Valladolid, is entertained during practice last Saturday, the day Gonzalo Plata joined the first team ‘pucela’. Photo: Instagram @ gonzalo_plata20

However, this is not ruled out despite the nonsense that lengthening the FIFA window has entailed, a noisy controversy in First and silenced in Second. In order for them to arrive earlier, different leagues such as the Spanish one chartered three private flights so that the 27 South American players who have been international on these dates could arrive on time, if their coaches estimate it, to play this day. Of the 27, Plata was the last to join a Spanish team after arriving on the horn, on loan from Sporting CP de Portugal.

Once the aforementioned controversy has been overcome and the intervention of the Ecuadorian with his Selection is over, from now on, it becomes a useful, different resource that Pacheta lacked, such as having a pure, facing, vertical and haggling end, spiced conditions in others footballers, but none of them combine in a squad populated by 27 players: 25 of them with a first-team record, Vallejo with that of the subsidiary, and El Hacen not registered due to his injury. (D)