Fabián Coito advances changes in the October call; speaks directly of these two forwards – Diez – Diario Deportivo

To the technician of the Honduras national team, Fabian Coito, it has rained in the wet after the gray start in the tie heading to Qatar 2022, where it was tied on the road against Canada and The Savior but at home we were overwhelmed 1-4 before USA.

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The coach again showed his face to evaluate the moment, and as is characteristic of him, he looked calm, with a serious demeanor and talking about what happened on this first triple date FIFA where he clearly remained unhappy.

Coito, in Fútbol a Fondo, let off steam and while accepting that he was wrong in certain decision-making of the matches, he announced that there will clearly be changes in the call for the October games before Costa Rica, Mexico and Jamaica, respectively.

“I maintained contact as I have always maintained with the players, the bond and the relationship is very clear, it is known that from one date to another there are variants, due to the rivals that we are going to face, due to the result we obtained, due to the performance”, he started saying.

Then say. “The bulk of the group is going to remain. Of course, there will be footballers who are going to join and who were not in the last date, therefore it will be necessary to disengage a footballer who is going to remain within the eligible group. but it will not be due to a question of quality of training because we cannot train with 30 or 35 players to face three games, and where with less travel and transfer we can suddenly be able to use fewer footballers “.

Fabian Coito was harshly questioned for not summoning Bryan rochez, a forward that he already knows and who advances could be for the coming games. “We were on a FIFA date and with Ariel Busdamente we contacted Bryan Róchez to see how his recovery was, how he was, how he was from his injury but he was not going to play any of the three games. This is very long and we cannot give each other the luxury of not summoning or not having a soccer player who is among those eligible and who is within the possibilities of being chosen to play for the Honduras National Team. The core, the idea will remain, but of course they will have new footballers “.

Asked if players like Luis Palma, Angel Tejeda, Jose Mario I paint and Marlon ‘Machuca’ Ramirez are being evaluated, answered yes. “We follow them very closely, there are other players who are competing as well. There has been good performance from some players who are in the national team and others who were not called up in September but who have been in another instance. They are competing, and that is very good”.

“I cannot generate false expectations, of course we are observing them. The list is not there, and until the list is not there is always the decision of who will be and who will not,” confirmed the national strategist.

However, something is clear Fabian Coito and it is that he will not throw heavy responsibilities on inexperienced players. “We are observing them, but we are not going to place responsibilities on players who are suddenly not prepared from the point of view of their experience, because this is a complex moment of the tie, I am clear about it, and I do not want to place the responsibility on players who can suddenly show performance at a certain level of demand, but this that we are going to face in October is different, therefore, it must be considered. “

He finally spoke of Rubilio Castillo, forward of Royal pari from Bolivia that is on fire with the goal. “Rubilio has been considered, this week I had information about him, he is an area player, a player who has the same things I spoke about, he has the gift of scoring the goal, well in the air game, sometimes the information is cold. .. ‘Rubilio scored two goals’, but did you see the game? … of course, two is not a small thing, but it has been considered, it is always evaluated, he has things in his favor, we already know him, I have a good relationship with him, but it is considered and observed, of course it is. “