List 828, a new group of the Frente Amplio, was officially presented | Daily Change

By Karina De Mattos.
This is the only list approved in Salto city by the national plenary to become part of the conglomerate of groups in which the Broad Front is constituted. At a press conference with the presence of Mayor Andrés Lima and Deputy Álvaro Lima, they were officially welcomed. This departmental group No. 828 is a new departmental group but of old militants of the Frente Amplio, such as the case of Nelly and Gonzalo Rodríguez and Darío Figueroa, among others.
Mayor Andrés Lima congratulated those who make up the group “No te Rindas” in a sign of “responsible militant attitude that at this time we should have the Frente Amplio, with so many difficulties, with difficult moments, with many Uruguayans who are going through badly. The door and the horizon of hope that is the Broad Front and the enormous challenges that lie ahead. Within this group there are leaders of the political force from a long time ago, but there are also young faces and that speaks of the permanent growth that the group has. He also speaks of plurality, because many of the members of No te Rindas come from different sectors, “he said. “But it is also a gateway for those citizens who today are not Frente Amplio but who can be and can be close.
A list 828 that has a strong presence in the departmental political scene, a strong presence in the Departmental Board, has two lines of councilors, a participation in the departmental government, which shows the commitment they have, ”he said. “Militancy is worthwhile especially at this time, defending the conquests and everything that cost to achieve it, defending the popular sectors, which historically the Broad Front has always defended. Don’t Give Up is all a sign, it is the attitude that each of us who are part of this political force must have ”.