Despite being penultimate, Lillini asks Pumas fans to continue believing

The Pumas strategist pointed out that he has not lost the tournament and with 18 points at stake his team will not lower their arms

MEXICO — Andres Lillini, technical director of Cougars, asked the feline fans to continue to believe in this group that he is in charge of, as he is sure that he will carry the team forward in the remainder of the tournament, this after losing 2-0 to America.

That they continue to believe because the players are going to take it forward. I don’t beat around the bush. Then I feed everyone who wants things to happen badly. Let them continue to believe because these players are going to move us forward. The squad will fight it until the end“, said Lillini at a press conference.

Similarly, the strategist acknowledged that the situation is complicated due to the lack of units, but maintained that as long as the numbers can get them to playoffs, they will continue to compete.

Lost is not. There are six days left, 18 points and as long as the mathematics give, you cannot lower your arms. We are far away and it is reality. You get excited and I don’t promise anything, but it gets more and more complicated because we have better number 12, “he said. Lillini.

In addition, he said that there are no problems in the dressing room and that the players trust his work, since he always has everyone available and focused on what he asks of them on a day-to-day basis, in training and games.

“The discourse does not wear out because you do not know what the day to day is. If the players do not believe me, we would not reach the area nine times. The players believe me. The discourse does not change. We can change the ways, but not the objective”.

“We have changed strategies and the goal is missing. I cannot hide in reality. We cannot score goals and not winning is being in an uncomfortable and complicated position. The board, which is close to me, knows about these situations and we must do the best analysis so that the institution and the players do not suffer from this situation ”, he concluded Andres Lillini.