In Pumas they do not make the ‘ugly’ to ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, but there is nothing clear

In Pumas they do not make the ugly to Tuca

Carlos González, coach of the U-20, and Pablo Bennevendo do not anticipate a possible arrival of Ferretti, but both see it with good eyes Ricardo Ferretti is one of the main options Cougars to take over the technical direction after the departure of Andres Lillinidespite the fact that there is no formal offer on the … Read more

Intervention of the VAR and other reasons for the triumph of Cruz Azul against Pumas

Intervention of the VAR and other reasons for the triumph

When Juan Dinenno celebrated the feline equalizer, the video arbitration system detected a misplacement that saved the celestial victory MEXICO — Blue Cross came out of University Olympic Stadium with the three points after beating Cougars by a score of 1-2, in a match in which the VAR he annulled the goal of the tie … Read more

Opening 2022: Pumas was saved from being cellared thanks to Puebla

MLB Rookie millionaire Braves sign eight year extension to young freshman

Pumas flirted with the last place in Apertura 2022, but La Franja tied Gallos Blancos in the 75th minute Cougars was saved from sleeping in the basement of the general board of the Opening 2022 after the tie between Querétaro White Roosters and Puebla at the start of Day 12 of the MX League. The … Read more

Chronicle: Chivas takes advantage of Pumas in crisis to chain itself to Liga MX

Chronicle Chivas takes advantage of Pumas in crisis to chain

Chivas once again chained victories and climbed to seventh place in the standings, after beating the Pumas GUADALAJARA (Alfredo Olivarez | ESPN Digital) Chivas won, liked and scored. Guadalajara won 3-1 against Pumas and extended its winning streak to five games without losing to the Universitarios at home. The team led by Ricardo Cadena came … Read more

They ratify: Dani Alves theme advances on the right track

Lazo and Contreras CRITICIZED SERIOUS PROBLEMS of the Cuban pitching

Dani Alves, who seeks to get to the World Cup in the best shape, will make his decision between Saturday and Sunday and that everything is going “very well” in terms of negotiations. Daniel Alves and the Cougars are on the right track in the negotiations, confided sources close to ESPN. The Brazilian winger is … Read more

Sports store goes ahead and shows new Pumas uniform

Sports store goes ahead and shows new Pumas uniform

A well-known store, with franchises nationwide, published the away and local Pumas shirts for the 2022 Opening A sports store and the brand that makes clothing for soccer teams, were ahead of the Cougars with the presentation of the new team uniform for the Opening 2022which will be officially presented by the club until Thursday … Read more

Mozo leaves… ‘Chapo’ Montes and Aldrete approach Pumas

Mozo leaves Chapo Montes and Aldrete approach Pumas

The university team is close to specifying reinforcements for the Apertura 2022 Luis ‘Chapo’ Montes Y Adrian Aldrete they approach the Cougarsafter the sale of Alan Mozo to the Chivas facing the Opening 2022 of the MX League. The reporter Antonio Rosales revealed that the Cougars they would incorporate mountsfrom León, and Aldrete, who would … Read more

Liga MX Femenil: Chivas goes back to Pumas and settles in the Clausura 2022 semifinals

Michelle Montero accuses mistreatment at Cruz Azul the club considers

Despite a spectacular first half by Pumas, Chivas managed to turn the score around and settle in the semifinals. Chivas came from behind and turned the scoreboard to beat Cougars 3-2 and advance to the semifinals of the Closing Tournament 2022with a global score of 5-4. After 2-2 in the quarterfinals of the first leg, … Read more

America with more options to be champion than Chivas and Pumas for Clausura 2022

America with more options to be champion than Chivas and

The rebirth of the Eagles at the hands of Fernando Ortiz increased their bonuses to reach the final phase, but also in their aspirations to achieve the championship America adds two wins in a row under the management of Ferdinand Ortiz as interim coach, this has caused them not only to fight for a place … Read more

Pumas saves players for Concacaf; Ortiz and Dinenno, to the bench

Pumas saves players for Concacaf Ortiz and Dinenno to the

Andrés Lillini moves the starting squad of the university students thinking about the semifinal of the Champions League against Cruz Azul Andres Lillini had to modify the starting XI of Cougars this Saturday night due to five injuries and because of the game they will have next Tuesday against Cruz Azul in the CONCACAF Champions … Read more