Bolillo Gómez confirms ownership of Quioto and warns the Ticos: ‘The idea is to subdue Costa Rica with our football’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

The Honduras national team his last card is played in the tie in this match against Costa Rica, where only victory could give him a slight hope of continuing in the fight to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The technician of the Bicolor, Hernán “Bolillo” Gómez, he attended a press conference to the media and made it clear that they will fight until the last moment.

“What I have discussed with the boys is the delivery, They are going to put everything we have and we continue looking for a way to win. I see a serious and hardworking group. “

With regard to the casualties presented by the Bicolor. “If we have had any problems, the antony theme (Lozano) is having some difficulties and the last game asked us for change and it is not that we have taken it out as certain characters say “.

The objective in the mind of Bolillo and the selected catrachos is none other than to go out with the three points of the National Stadium of Costa Rica.

“About us it really is winning, I can’t think about whether we are eliminated because it is very uphill. The illusion is to win and the boys do not leave the national team and that is to want the shirt “.

Bolillo believes that this is one of the classic duels and it will be played that way. “For me this is a classic of the two largest teams in Central America, but they are not at their best level, but they will play as such. I have seen that in Honduras there is a lot of quality, good players and there are moments and crises that are they live, but they have to be overcome. “

On the game proposal that he will have against Costa Rica. “We try to subdue the rival with our work, numerical superiority with the ball, try to elaborate. Never in my life has he come out to put back and if it happens it is because the rival is subjecting us. The idea is submit to Costa Rica with our football and ours the game. “

And he added: “Honduras is a direct team because of its speed, it is one of the weapons that we can incorporate into our work.”

He also dared to anticipate that he will play with a man as a reference in attack and that will be the “Romantic”. “Quioto is going to play.”

How to change the landscape after what has happened in the last matches of the qualifying round on the way to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“I have played five qualifiers and I have won them, Fernando is my friend, I have won the Olympics, I have lost other finals, but now I received a group where one is fond of his good people. I have received words of support, they are things that one he grows fond of. We have a game that, being practical, we have no problems and we got three goals, but that happens in all parts of the world, that game was needed by me and the boys, since there was more credibility and confidence for the tie “

Regarding the possibilities and the hope that one has being in this complicated situation in the tie. “With the same illusion, I do not lose the hope And the boys know that we’re going to give it our all. The team does not forgive and has to win everything. “

Regarding the situation of Maynor Figueroa. “He is an important man for Honduras, Central America and where he has played. Talking to the boys, they did not deserve that defeat.”

Bolillo referred to the favoritism of the Central American classic. “We the game tomorrow there is no favorite, either local or visitor, but it depends on the field. Costa Rica can win and if we win, normal. If we lose we continue in the crisis and if they lose they also enter “

Bolillo was asked about the reaction that Honduras should have at home to receive a goal in the match, since in the previous ones it has cost them a lot.

“It depends on the moments that are being lived, but it is a part that must be improved. That is what we have been working on the most, the head, because there are good players.”

They have prepared to be or not Navas. “Who does not admire Keylor? He is one of the best in the world, but sometimes he is not playing because he is from another continent, but he is a great one.”


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Bolillo Gómez confirms ownership of Quioto and warns the Ticos: ‘The idea is to subdue Costa Rica with our football’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo