David Ortiz warns NY: ‘Yankees, be careful with your new Papi in the Playoffs’

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

After announcing his retirement from baseball, David Ortiz made clear his love for the “King of Sports”, as he is still linked to the ball but now as an analyst on the television network Fox Sports. Price at start of American League Championship Series (ALCS) between the yankees and the stars“big daddy” issued a warning … Read more

Dodgers: Dave Roberts warns Craig Kimbrel ‘if he doesn’t get his act together’

NFL San Francisco management optimistic Deebo Samuels contract extension will

The Los Angeles Dodgers are once again one of the big contenders to win it all this MLB season, having perhaps the best collection of names of any organization, having future Hall of Famers, former MVP and Cy. Young, in addition to multiple All-Stars. However, while they’re all at different points in their careers and … Read more

‘Cataclysm’ at Real Madrid if they sign Erling Haaland: Ancelotti warns Florentino about an escape

1640424483 Cataclysm at Real Madrid if they sign Erling Haaland Ancelotti

Real Madrid has become in recent weeks the best positioned club to sign Erling haaland. In fact, from Dortmund they confirmed that the Chamartín institution is following in the footsteps of the young Norwegian scorer. The money in the white box is not a problem, but the possible consequences in the squad once the Nordic … Read more

Bolillo Gómez confirms ownership of Quioto and warns the Ticos: ‘The idea is to subdue Costa Rica with our football’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

The Honduras national team his last card is played in the tie in this match against Costa Rica, where only victory could give him a slight hope of continuing in the fight to the World Cup Qatar 2022. The technician of the Bicolor, Hernán “Bolillo” Gómez, he attended a press conference to the media and … Read more

“I’m coming for the Universal championship” – Raw wrestler warns Roman Reigns – Planet Wrestling

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Like every week, there are many who want to take the championship from the Roman dog and tribal chief and chief of the courtyard. In fact, a highly talked about superstar to be the next transfer to SmackDown has left everyone a bit confused after his threat to the WWE champion. The former champion of … Read more

Yankees: Aaron Judge warns not to settle for the wild card and go for the division

The New York Yankees are undoubtedly in their prime of the MLB season at the moment, having reached 11 consecutive victories for the first time since 1985 and clinch the AL wild card, but the team as always, has its sights to go higher and not settle for the good results they have achieved in … Read more

Thierry Henry warns PSG of the risk of having Messi in their ranks

Thierry Henry warns PSG of the risk of having Messi

The hiring Lionel Messi with PSG continues to cross borders, so much so that a legend, and former partner of the Argentine, spoke of this movement, where Thierry Henry warns Mauricio Pochettino and company of an apparent ‘risk’ of having him in their ranks. Henry shared the court with Lionel Messi in the Barcelona of … Read more