Aston Villa owners would bring MLS to Las Vegas

Las Vegas he has won the affection of the people when it comes to football last summer. However, not only does he like to see Mexico, but the desire to have his own team has also been generated after seeing that the Raiders property does not look bad for football. Two groups of entrepreneurs set their sights firmly on the project, but now everything seems to remain in one and with only waiting for the MLS you like such an evil plan.

Under the name of Las Vegas Villains, Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, current owners of Aston Villa, have taken the lead in the initiative after they were practically inconsiderate by the city. With the entrance of Bill Foley and his heroes, the owner of the NHL’s Golden Knights looked like he would have all the factors in his favor to win. However, reports this morning from Las Vegas Review-Journal they pointed out that the businessman has decided to raise the white flag In this race.

“I am not going to be the main investor and that is why we will not continue. We were interested in being the main partners, but it seems that the league has decided to go in a different direction. “Foley commented has said medium.

In this way, Edens and Sawiris would have a clear path and would be preparing a proposal that includes an investment of approximately 330 million dollars. In addition, the work would be accompanied by Brightline, a train company, which last June bought a space of land on the city’s boulevard. This is supposed to be directed for a line that connects Southern California with Las Vegas, but certain media have also commented that it could actually be one of the ideal spaces for a new MLS stadium.

In case this effort turns into a real team, Commissioner Don Garber noted that the news would be giving it next year, since at the moment it is necessary to prepare the arrivals of Charlotte FC and St. Louis.

Las Vegas isn’t the only city still competing

Despite the fact that Las Vegas has been the one that has caused the most noise and that more movements have been announced, this is not the only location that is among the candidates to have the 30th franchise in the MLS. Although it is difficult to believe, the name of Sacramento is still active, as it is expected to begin to have more information about cities such as San Diego and Phoenix. The first of them now has as its largest representative the San Diego Loyal team of Landon Donovan.

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Aston Villa owners would bring MLS to Las Vegas