Flying in cruise mode

Biguá started very well, he was solid at the back, without allowing Capitol to score, moving the ball and finding 3-pointers on a firm footing in several hands. Cap’s field goal drought lasted until four minutes into the game, with Arregui 13-1 behind, but Vidal and Sims’ bombs continued to fall until 17-1; Capitol improved somewhat on closing and was able to convert a couple of times, thanks to good incomes from Amichetti and Wenzel, but struggling behind losing 25-14.

The black-and-white improved the percentages and found three triples to quickly get into play, reaching 30-25 forcing Cal’s minute at two minutes. The answer was with three triples from his galactic Sims-Vidal perimeter, and Duck returned fourteen and regained his calm. As if that were not enough, Loriente warmed up the wrist with ten points in a row, along with a more assisting Pepo who again demolished the Capitol defense, which ended up receiving 33 points in the fourth, going to the very complicated break, losing 58-37.

The owner of the house opened the complement with a 5-0 that threatened to define the match, and although the visit responded with something from Dickson, back he continued without finding answers to an offensive that led by Vidal did not stop hurting him with all the blows, until opening maximum of 29. Davaunta appeared to get a little closer, but again the Villa Biarritz team did not delay in turning off the reaction and lowering the blind to the game even with a boy to play, up 81-53.

The impossible would not happen in the fourth quarter, so it was the opportunity to give valuable minutes to some Biguá relays and finish making the bulky final result of 97-73. The champion gives a new sample of his power, led as always by the duo made up of Vidal and Sims, two players detached from the middle, very well accompanied by “Beco” Loriente. The Duck won and flew in cruise mode.

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Flying in cruise mode