Owners of the Washington Nationals seek to sell the franchise

Owners of the Washington Nationals seek to sell the franchise

The Washington Nationals could go up for sale in the not too distant future, the owners no longer want to carry that responsibility. The family of millionaire tycoon Ted Lerner, who 16 years ago bought the Washington Nationals to Major League Baseball and oversaw a rebuilding process that ultimately won a World Series championship in … Read more

NFL: Owners to discuss overtime rule

NFL Owners to discuss overtime rule

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 3/27/2022 9:39 p.m. Behind the Divisional matchup of the 2021 National Football League postseason between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills that ended in victory for the first to score in the first possession, various teams generated a proposal to change the regulation and allow both teams to … Read more

There’s push to change the NFL’s overtime rule as owners prepare for annual meetings

Theres push to change the NFLs overtime rule as owners

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) runs the ball during the AFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs on January 23, 2022 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri . William Purnell | Sportswire Icon | fake images NFL owners are preparing for another round of debates over the league’s overtime rules, … Read more

The trend in Liga Mx is to separate owners of Gallos Blancos from the club

The trend in Liga Mx is to separate owners of

Most clubs have opted for the exemplary sanction and the veto of the La Corregidora Stadium in Querétaro for the remainder of the season The possibilities for club managers Querétaro White Roosters can be disaffiliated has become a latent option that could be made official tomorrow, after the First Division Assembly. ESPN is aware that … Read more

MLB: Majority of owners want to put a ‘stop’ on the spending of Mets and Dodgers

MLB Majority of owners want to put a stop on

MLB owners They have left a very bad image both for the players and for the fans deciding to cancel Opening Day and the first two series of the 2022 regular season, however, as more details begin to come out of the last negotiating sessions with the MLBPAthey are in a worse place and look … Read more

MLB owners don’t want to pay for players’ food

MLB owners dont want to pay for players food

The owners of the Angels, Diamondbacks, Tigers and Reds opposed increasing the Luxury Tax, so MLB proposed including food expenses among CBT expenses. Yesterday it came to light that four owners of MLB they had voted against Rob Manfred’s final proposal for being “too generous” to the players. Today it was learned that it is … Read more

Owners voted against MLB’s final offer for being “too generous” to the Union

Owners voted against MLBs final offer for being too generous

Before submitting its latest final proposal to the Players Union, 4 MLB team owners voted against it for being too generous with the demands of the players. One of the toughest issues in the negotiations between MLB and the Players Union – and why right now we are without Spring Training and without a date … Read more

Senator Bernie Sanders gives everything to MLB and the owners: ‘Because of their greed we will not have baseball’

Senator Bernie Sanders gives everything to MLB and the owners

The news of the moment without a doubt is the cancellation of the first two regular season series from MLB as there is no agreement between owners and the MLBPA for a new joint contract. It should be noted that both the work stoppage, the cancellation of games and Spring Training It’s entirely Manfred’s decision. … Read more