Ancelotti’s press conference, live

Carlo Ancelotti appears at a press conference to analyze tomorrow’s game against Athletic (Santiago Bernabu, 9:30 pm) and comment on the news of the white team, in a great moment of form with a streak of eight wins and a draw in the last nine games.

13.20 hours. Mbapp said he wants to win the Ballon d’Or one day. Playing for Madrid about these awards?

“Playing in a big club helps you, of course. It is an important prize, but it is an individual prize. But I have not seen Benzema or Courtois cry for not winning the prize. They have accepted it without problem”

13.19 hours. Vinicius

“He knows his position in the squad very well. He does not consider himself a star, because he is very humble. He knows that he has players with a tremendous personality and character by his side.”

13.18 hours. Would you have voted Messi as the best?

“I have a conflict and I cannot vote for a player who is outside Madrid. If I had to vote I would vote for Benzema first, second for Vinicius, third for Courtois, fourth for Casemiro, fifth for Kroos, sixth for Camavinga … But I have to respect, because Messi is one of the best. But if he had voted, I would have voted for Benzema “

13.17 hours. Rotations

“Rotating for rotating, no. You have to make an evaluation and if the players are not physically well … But rotating for rotating, no”

13.16 hours. How to improve Hazard

“Hazard’s problem is physical, he has to improve his condition. He has to have minutes, of course, having minutes will improve his condition. He has to endure, but we have many games and I think he will have minutes.”

13.13 hours. The central pair

“Militao and Alaba are combining their qualities well. Militao has more physical quality and Alaba is more used to playing in a line of fours, but Nacho is at the same level as them although he is not playing as much now. Nacho has physical quality and technique. We are. good. We have to improve on defense. ”

13.10 hours. Alaba’s penalty to Ocampos

“In Seville they can get angry, but at the beginning of the season they told us that penalties were not going to be whistled. And I agree. Penalties have to be clear and penalties do not have to be called”

13.08 hours. If on day 1 they tell you that they can improve the squad, what do you say?

“I always think you have to work in the summer. I don’t like the winter settings very much. This squad doesn’t need to be improved in January and we can compete until the end.”

13.07 hours. Hazard

“Eden is fine and has done all the training with the team. He will be with the team. He has not had muscular discomfort, only gastroenteritis. Rodrygo has also had it and is not in the best condition”

13.06 hours. Players with potential to be Baln de Oro

“Benzema, Vinicius has potential … We have Modric, we have Courtois, who has a top level …”

13.05 hours. The Golden Ball

“You have to give fair value to this classification. Messi has won and is still a great player. And nothing else. For the players, individual prizes are important, but if they don’t win it, nothing happens. Hopefully next year he will win it. one of Madrid. Benzema has had a great season and finished fourth. To continue with the motivation to try to be first “

13.04 hours. Ancelotti exits. The press conference begins

“I’m calm with the rest, because the squad is used to wear and tear, because they have experience, high motivation … No problem there”

13.01 hours. Praise they go in alone and I could rest

The Austrian player worked on the sidelines of the team and it will be necessary to see if he enters the squad list or not. After the small sprain he suffered against the Sheriff and forced against Sevilla, he could rest a game.

12.58 hours. Athletic is good at Real Madrid lately

12.54 hours. Many questions on the table

How is Hazard? What worries you about Athletic? What did you think of the Ballon d’Or gala? Many questions for Ancelotti.

12.52 hours. Good afternoon and welcome to Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference.

In a very short time, the Real Madrid coach will appear in the preview of the match against Athletic. If there is no delay, at 1:00 p.m. this press conference will begin.


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Ancelotti’s press conference, live