Ancelotti sends errands

“This team not only has quality, but also commitment. And that is very important”. The phrase is from Ancelotti and is a warning to sailors … Effortlessly (in the day to day, that is, in training), there is no paradise of ownership. And the pulse of the Italian coach did not tremble when putting into practice his ideology of what his new Real Madrid has to be, in which he tries to be fair with the players. Without intending it or subliminally (or not so much), before Inter he sent several messages to his players.

-Hazard: the name is not a guarantee of anything.

It was surprising that the Belgian was a substitute at the start of the match. But it was even more surprising that Ancelotti didn’t even reach for him when he needed to break the tables in the final minutes. He preferred to admit Rodrygo. And the Brazilian agreed with him on the field. “It is not only what he has done in attack,” Ancelotti said, “it is also what he has given us in defense. On the other hand, we needed to open the field and Hazard plays more on the inside ”. It was justified.

-Bet decided by young people.

Today, and five games have been enough, Vinicius is a starter ahead of Hazard. Ancelotti is a soccer man and knows the locker room codes. He started giving priority to the Belgian, with more hierarchy, but his current form only gave him three games to maintain the title. And one of them, against Celta, because Bale had been injured. Another case of the bet decided by the youngsters of Ancelotti is Valverde. Isco is clearly behind him. Ancelotti was smart, on the other hand, not to put more pressure on Miguel Gutiérrez, who was already a starter against Celta and who recovered from an initial serious failure. But the youth squad will also have minutes.

-Alaba is central.

First he said it on the field putting Nacho as a winger and the Austrian as central, but then Ancelotti verbalized it: “Praise for me is central. If there is no emergency, he will play in the center ”. From this it follows that Alaba and Militao are his starting central pair. You know Alaba from his time at Bayern. FHe was the second most used footballer by Carletto in the there, only behind Lewandowski, and recently, in statements to the club’s official media, the coach praised the qualities of his recent incorporation: “He is a complete player, who has a lot of quality. He is also very intelligent in defensive tactics ”. But, curiously, there he used it more as a side.

-Modric with dropper.

The Croatian player has already turned 36 and may be playing his last season at Madrid. The value of what it can bring is incalculable, but Ancelotti knows that he can only benefit from it by dosing it. The game suffers a lot when it is not there. For this reason, men like Valverde and Camavinga have to take the step forward that is expected of them. On the other hand, he hasn’t minded giving Kroos all the time he needs to recover from his pubalgia. It is a case similar to that of the Croatian even though he is younger. They are two footballers who have been overexposed in recent seasons.