At the end of the eighth date of the A1, the Náutico beat the leader, Belgrano, in the “Fortunato Bonelli” by 79-74, with Santiago López as a figure and very good contributions from the interns Felicetti and Andollo. On the Red side, they did not reach 19 points from Cionco or 16 (+23 rebounds) from Easterling.

Santiago López was the figure of Regattas and the classic.


With the dispute of the classic of the city, last night the eighth date of the A1 closed, in the tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” of the First local. The victory came from Regatas, which in the “Fortunato Bonelli” beat the leader, Belgrano, giving him his second defeat of the championship. Previously, for this group Somisa had surpassed Defensores and La Emilia had surpassed Don Bosco.

In the midst of an extremely even game but with alternate control, Náutico won by 79 to 74, with the outstanding work of Santiago López, his scorer and figure, after having totaled 23 points (5-8 in doubles, 2-6 in triples and 7-8 in free), 7 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals. In addition, in the visit between Sebastián Andollo (19 + 15) and Domingo Felicetti (16 + 6) they combined 35 points and 21 rebounds.

On the side of the Red, Franco Cionco led the scoring with 19 goals (with 8-22 in shots from the court and 3-4 in free shots), although Jeremías Easterling was his most productive man (16 points, 23 rebounds and 2 caps), well accompanied in the fight under the glass for the youthful Barile (12 + 11 + 3).

Regattas would be more straight in the distance shots at the start of the game, as it would happen throughout the night. Based on those hits from 6.75 (4-9 in triples) and a couple of good runs by Felicetti, he would go to the first break winning 23 to 19, against a rival who presented opposition through Barile and Cionco. With the decision of the latter and Alimena, in the second period Belgrano came to the fore. Regatas passed the ball more (18 assists against 6 from the premises in total), he was able to run and kept his aim from the outside (7-14 in the PT; and Belgrano 1-14).

However, and despite the great contribution of Felicetti, Belgrano was more pungent and with breaks and penetrations, plus Easterling’s first units got up by five at halftime (45-40). It was precisely the intern from Belgrana who allowed the homeowner to reach a difference of seven at the beginning of the complement (maximum, 47-40).

Still anxious and erratic, for most of the segment Belgrano was ahead of the result. But in the closing, he declined in defense and López and Andollo took advantage of this, so that Regatas went on to win one way in the final ten minutes (58-57).

In the last, a couple of good conversions from Vercelli and Easterling’s consistency caused another good moment for Ariel Amarillo’s men, who took advantage of six (64-58), part 7-0 through. From there López emerged and under his leadership Regatas reacted. A triple by “Pato” Rodríguez gave air to Pablo Dastugue’s men and, against a Belgrano with a crooked sight from afar (1-29 in triples), they were able to hold the scorekeeper’s command, to liquidate the story with López from the line.

Belgrano 74
Regattas 79

Referees: A. Barbich-M. Petroni
Partial: 19-23, 26-17, 13-17, 16-22

Belgrano (74): Vercelli 8, Alimena 10, Cionco 19, Easterling 16, Barile 12 (fi), Prediger 2, R. Maffei 4, Valdez 3, Starczewsky 0. DT: Ariel Amarillo.
Regattas (79): López 23, V. Ingrata 9, P. Rodríguez 12, Felicetti 16, Andollo 19 (fi), Cairo 0, Cernetti 0. DT: Pablo Dastugue.



Belgrano “A” 14 8 6 2
Somisa “A” 13 7 6 1
Regattas “A” eleven 7 4 3
Defenders eleven 7 4 3
The Emilia 9 7 2 5
Don Bosco * 7 8 0 8
* match lost by not showing up to play with Regattas.

Slopes: Somisa “A” -La Emilia and Defensores-Regatas “A”.


Regattas “B” 18 9 9 0
Takes sparks fifteen 9 6 3
Somisa “B” fifteen 10 5 5
Banks 14 9 5 4
Miter 14 9 5 4
Belgrano “B” 13 9 4 5
The Andes 13 10 3 7
Social 9 9 0 9

Slopes: Belgrano “B” -Social, Miter-Riberas and Sacachispas-Regatas “B”.