Lionel Messi participated in the birthday of one of the PSG figures: the absence in the photo that generated suspicions

Lionel Messi participated in the birthday of one of the
The figures of PSG on Ander Herrera's birthday
The figures of PSG on Ander Herrera’s birthday

Lionel messi It was already presented to the fans of Paris Saint Germain in the pre-match with Racing Strasbourg. The stands of the Princes Park They exploded when they observed the Rosario star with the colors of their team. “I want to thank people for all the welcome. I feel excited happy with the new stage that I have to live and I hope it will be a great year for us. I’m excited about all this ”, were the first words of The flea when he took the microphone at the event in the French capital.

In addition, the ultras, in one of the headers, they encouraged him with Argentine flags, fireworks and a thunderous “Paris, Paris, Paris”. Then they continued with “Leo Messi, Leo Messi, Leo Messi, Leo Messi … ”, a song that came down from the four sides of the stands, where the supporters returned after a year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the excitement and victory, there was time for more celebrations. Is that the spanish flyer Ander Herrera celebrated his 32nd birthday and invited his PSG teammates to a toast in which they participated Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes, Mauro Icardi, Neymar, Rafinha, Marco Verratti, Sergio Ramos, Georginio Wijnaldum, Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Rico, Danilo Pereira, Bernat, Keylor Navas and Leo Messi.

Naturally, the absence of Kylian Mbappé it generated suspicions amid the uncertainty that settled about its future. As reported by the Spanish television program, The beach bar, the star with a past at Monaco wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain and press to hasten his exit. “The Frenchman does not plan to speak publicly, but he is going to ask for a meeting with Al-Khelaïfi, president of PSG, to demand that he be allowed to emigrate from the Park of Princes to the Real Madrid”.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the stadium, billboards with Messi, welcoming the team on the gate 7, where the fans entered. They themselves received gift flags on their seats when they entered the sectors to avoid crowds.

The fanaticism for the Argentine was observed throughout the week from the moment his departure from Barcelona and the same footballer gave the press conference. He reached out with his statement that Paris Saint Germain was “an option” between the different destinations for fans to go to the international airport to wait for him.

The fans of PSG they went crazy with him first greeting in which Messi was seen wearing a white T-shirt and the legend in French of “This is Paris.” Then he went through the medical check-up, of about two hours, and a brief contact with the people before getting into the Royal Hotel, one of the most luxurious in the French capital.

The fervor never diminished, both indoors with their teammates, and with the fans who sold out the shirts with the star’s surname and the number 30 on the back. This exceeded the expectations of PSG owners, to the point that they had to suspend the sale and place new ones on Friday morning when they exceeded one million sales.

“The truth is that we are more than happy to have Lionel. Two dreams came true in one month: to win the Copa América and play with him in a team. I still have not fallen, today we had it for the first time in practice and it is something unique “, he said. Say Maria.

The noodle He was not the only one who mentioned the subject during the week, since it was manifested Jorge Sampaoli, former DT of Leo on the Selection and now in Olympique de Marseille, and qualified as “Sports injustice” the arrival of the star to PSG why “increase the differences”Between teams.

The arrival of Messi to Paris, as expected, did not go unnoticed and generated a stir in every corner, to the point that he put aside the lights for a few days. Eiffel Tower and the architectural beauty of one of the most important cities in the world.