LaLiga’s reply to the Superliga project

LaLigas reply to the Superliga project

The league yesterday announced an agreement with the venture capital company CVC whereby it takes 11% of the business in exchange for an injection of 2,667 million euros. It is the first time that LaLiga has admitted a partner and it is significant from that point of view, all the more so since it coincides with the failed attempt by three of its clubs (or two, given that Atlético dropped out shortly after the revolt) to launch a Super league designed to generate a two-speed football. The agreement remedies the problem faced by all our clubs, especially the big ones, due to the crisis created by the pandemic.

It is not a money in the air, in any case. Only 15% may be used to expand the salary margin, and 15% to alleviate debt. The main, 70%, should be invested in sports strategy, infrastructure, brand development, communication, innovation, technology, digital platforms, social networks … In consolidating the business model, in short, fleeing the old habit of emptying clubs in Please promise footballers unattainable amounts that remained unpaid. Of course, I received the money in this or that club, and since all of it is the same color, it is not always easy to know if it is spent on plugging that hole or that.

This last malice is what makes Madrid stiff ears regarding the case of Barça, who is trying to get the income-debt-expenses equation to fit him in order to register Messi. In any case, what arrives here is hard cash for a wide group of clubs, not a house of cards based on the agreement of a group of conspirators collapsed at the first sneeze. And the position of Barça is still striking, which continues to hold on to the improbable Superliga flag flying by Florentino and at the same time he is waiting for this new LaLiga agreement to finally open the cathole to sneak Messi.