Who is Hansel Emmanuel Donato, the one-armed basketball figure?

1629164474 Who is Hansel Emmanuel Donato the one armed basketball figure

Despite the fact that sport tends to give us very exciting moments thanks to its great figures, there are always athletes willing to break schemes. Hansel emmanuel He does it in basketball, a discipline in which he already stands out with university offers.

The Dominican has the skills of any other player and that many of us wish. However, his life changed when he was a child and he was involved in a accident that ended with his left arm amputated. This is not an impediment or excuse to seek a place in the elite and the road already looks solid.

Who is Hansel Emmanuel Donato, the one-armed basketball figure?


The moment that changed the life of Hansel Emmanuel

Hansel Emmanuel Donato He was born in the Dominican Republic 17 years ago. He inherited a love for basketball thanks to his father, who was a professional in the National Basketball League of his country. At the time he received the nickname of Kikima and his son inherited it with a small change: Kikimita.

Interestingly, his father was also the person who found him when the accident and the loss of his arm occurred. Emmanuel played with other children near an old wall, so when trying to climb it, it did not support the weight and collapsed. The tendons were shattered and the doctors could not find a way to save the limb.

The situation caused the outlook to cloud over and quitting basketball became a possibility. Fortunately it disappeared and although there were difficulties such as finding balance, the impossible became a reality.

Who is Hansel Emmanuel Donato, the one-armed basketball figure?


The now-young star found motivation and a path that promises great achievements. For that reason, he is an icon for millions of people in the world, especially for his family.

I always tell him that he will go as far as he wants and that the limit is set by himself. Thank goodness, so far, he hasn’t looked into what a limitation is. He used to tell me that I was his idol, but now he ended up being mine. Is my pride, my teacher of life for that impulse of life that has always given me“, Expressed his father, Hansel Salvador Donato, in a Dominican television program.

College offerings and a bright future

The popularity of Hansel emmanuel It grew like foam when his videos went viral on social networks. The recordings circulated strongly in early 2021, but the truth is that the history of the basketball player began to be forged months before.

In 2020, the 1.93-meter-tall Dominican moved to the United States to train in the Life Christian Academy located in Kissimmee, Florida. This year, the Dominican’s team was crowned champion of the Central Florida Christian Academy State Championship; personally, Donato averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.

The next step seems to be very clear and it would be college basketball. Hansel Emmanuel already has his first offer, from Tennessee State University for military in NCAA Division 1. Who knows? In the next few years we could see him in the NBA to follow in the footsteps of his idol, LeBron James.