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ANNOUNCEMENT The Club’s students come from different sectors of the Valdivia commune, and from some communes such as Máfil, Futrono and Paillaco. Learn more about the benefit delivered by the program Choose to Live Healthy.

In order to support the athletes of Los Ríos in a pandemic, the Seremi of Social Development and Family, Ann Hunter, at the Gymnasium of the Universidad Austral de Chile, delivered sports implementation thanks to the Sports Training Program of the Choose Healthy Living System, to the UACH Women’s Basketball Club, where more than 100 girls and young people between 7 and 24 years of age participate, led by their coach Andrea Bilbao.

In the years 2020-2021, with an investment of more than 21 million pesos, it benefited more than 5,000 athletes from different sports disciplines in Los Ríos, explained Seremi Ann Hunter. “The main objective of these two years of pandemic management was to promote healthy habits and lifestyles to improve quality of life, through initiatives that promote pillars in terms of healthy eating, physical activity, outdoor living and family life. , which were affected by the health crisis that hit our country. That is why we create initiatives that directly benefit our children and adolescents, older adults and people with disabilities,” she said.

“I want to highlight the great work of Andrea Bilbao, through the UACH Women’s Basketball Club, there are more than one hundred girls and young people belonging to this team. As a seremia we set the goal of supporting the work carried out by basketball training schools in our region, who through sport work on the full development of the players’ skills and abilities, promoting team sports and developing skills, such as will, effort and cooperation, in addition to developing basic motor intelligence” Hunter highlighted.

In this context, Andrea Bilbao, Technical Coordinator of the UACH Women’s Basketball Club, stated that “it is undoubtedly a great support for us as an institution, that they give us these implements, since all those who gave us are very welcome because we can use them. together with the girls we have, for our training and improving sports aspects. I also want to thank the support of the Ministry of Social Development, being able to be on the lists of the benefited clubs is an accolade for the development of women’s basketball” she emphasized.


The Austral University Sports Club of Chile, is a social organization with legal personality in force granted by the IND, its foundation date is April 1989 and its constitution is April 9, 2004, they promote sports through the branch of basketball divided into Women’s and Men’s, in which 200 people between 7 and 24 years of age currently participate, this time the contribution of the EVS will be made to the Women’s branch. The students come from different sectors of the Valdivia commune, and from some communes such as Máfil, Futrono, Paillaco.

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UACh women’s basketball club received sports implementation – Diario Futrono