The non-community members of the LEB Oro 22/23

Gone are those times in which the American was the star player and practically the reference of the LEB Oro teams. The current regulations require a minimum of training players and establish a maximum of two non-EU players, unlike of what happens in other leagues. In addition, the cost of processing the record of the latter is much higher in amount than that of a player with a community or Cotonou passport.

Based on these conditions, and taking into account that there are players processing their dual nationality and that there are cases such as Mike Carlson or Greg Gantt, whose marriage to Spanish citizens prevents them from occupying a non-EU position, this is the situation of the non-EU couple from which each team can have:

  • MoraBanc Andorra: Micah Speight and Johnny Dee.
  • San Pablo Burgos inherits: Gonzalo Corbalán and Calvin Hermanson.
  • Movistar Students: Mark Hughes and Paul Jorgensen.
  • ICG Força Lleida: Michael Carrera.
  • Zunder Palencia: Devin Schmidt and Tanner McGrew.
  • Alimerka Oviedo Basketball: Romeo Crouch and Shaquille Walters.
  • Leyma Coruña: Yunio Barrueta.
  • Cáceres World Heritage Site: -.
  • UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball: Kevin Allen.
  • TAU Castelló: Eric Stutz and Jalen Nesbitt.
  • Gipuzkoa Basket: Justin Jaworski.
  • HLA Alicante: Sean McDonnell and Delaney Blaylock.
  • Melilla Sport Capital WBC: Alex Thompson.
  • BarValencia CB Almansa with Afanion: Bobby Harris.
  • Juaristi ISB: Nathan Hoover and Kevin Buckingham.
  • Group Alleges Cantabria CBT: Shakir Smith and John Harrar.
  • Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket: Chandler Jacobs and Raiquan Clark.
  • Ourense Basketball Club: Tomás Chapero.

In view of this list of players, among whom is not Noah Starkey, on trial in Cáceres, we obtain the following data:

  1. Currently 75% (27 of 36) of the non-community files are occupied.
  2. Three teams have no intention, for now, of covering the second extra-community file: Coruña, RVB and GBC.
  3. 85% of non-EU nationals are US nationals (23), although some of them have dual passports from Latin countries, such as Harris (Puerto Rico) or Barrueta (Cuba). The four exceptions are the Argentines Chapero and Corbalán, the Venezuelan Carrera and the British Walters.
  4. Two of them come from the EBA League: Gonzalo Corbalán and the absolute international Tomás Chapero. Both Argentine players were in the subsidiary or in the linked team and have been promoted to the first team after being two of the best U22 of the EBA League 21/22.
Those who have already played in Spain

Just over half (14 of 27, 52%), have already played in Spain:

  • Most are familiar with the LEB Oro, with the exceptions of Buckingham, who was unable to debut due to injury last year, Corbalán and Chapero.
  • Only two repeat in the same team: Eric Stutz (Amics) and Michael Carrera (Força Lleida).
  • Only one has played in ACB: Johnny Dee.
  • Only three have played in the EBA League, LEB Plata and LEB Oro: Bobby Harris, Sean McDonnell and Jalen Nesbitt.

Those who have spent the most seasons in Spain are:

  1. Bobby Harris (seven seasons; 4th Gold)
  2. Johnny Dee (six seasons; 5th Gold)
  3. Devin Schmidt (six seasons; 4th Gold)
  4. Sean McDonnell (six seasons; 3rd Gold)
  5. Eric Stutz (four seasons; 4th Gold)
  6. Jalen Nesbitt (four seasons; 2nd Gold)
The debutants

The other 13 non-EU citizens (48%) lack experience in Spain. The NCAA returns with force, after a promotion where many players have left and up to a total of four will debut this season in Gold: Shaquille Walters Y romeo crouch (OCB), Chandler Jacobs (Albacete) and John Harrar (Cantabria).

Portugal has also been in fashion this summer and up to three players come from the LPB: Alex Thompson (Melilla), Delaney Blaylock (FLBA) and Shakir Smith (Cantabria).

The remaining six have curious origins and are sure to pack the league, as we have already said. We can establish between them a difference between these six:

  • A group of three have already been away from home for years and know well what it is like to play abroad: tanner mcgrew (from Romania to Palencia), Kevin Allen (from Taiwan to RVB) and Yunio Barrueta (from Israel/France to Coruña).
  • The remaining three have only been professional for one season, they will live their second foreign experience and they are players in clear progression, with fame in the NCAA:
    • Nathan Hoover (Iraurgi). The Basque squad will give him carte blanche and Hoover will not disappoint. A shooter who comes out of any corner and shoots “up to his shoes.” He comes from Belarus, specifically from the powerful Borisfen, with 42% T3 (more than two scored per game).

    • Justin Jaworski (GBC). The only one in the squad who doesn’t know the LEB. He stood out a lot in the NCAA with Lafayette as a scorer, also in the G League (9.8 pt in 21 minutes) and played NBA summer leagues. He now arrives at GBC to be that shooter that the San Sebastian team needs.

    • Raiquan Clark (Albacete). A very physical forward who repeatedly stood out at LIU Brooklyn and did the same in his year rookie in the German ProA (Schwenningen: 17.8 pt, 4.7 re). With good defensive skills, he is lethal in transition, vertical when attacking the rim and takes advantage of the game without the ball very well.

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The non-community members of the LEB Oro 22/23