One more for the collection: Lionel Messi took the Olimpia de Oro 2022

Colombia 0 0 Mexico asi fue la segunda salida en el

the prize of Prayed was received by the Vice President of the AFA, Marcelo Achilesince the captain of the albiceleste cast is in rosary beads with his family. The delivery of the Olympia Awards 2022which was held in the hall Golden Center Fresnohad Messi win this award again, since he had achieved it last year … Read more

Autumn movements in LEB Oro (II)

Julio Rodriguez and Kansas Royals rookie make MLB history with

In our article yesterday We did a quick review of the movements of the LEB Oro squads, in which we expressed our vision of three of the newcomers (Vaidas Čepukaitis, Fahrudin Manjgafic Y Maj Kovacevič), leaving in stand by the one corresponding to lysander bracey Y Bryce Nzewho have to go through our radar today. … Read more

Autumn movements in LEB Oro (I)

Noticias de la NFL – Jueves 18 de agosto de

The first bars of a LEB Gold very bipolar, with several teams high up and others anchored in the lower zone, have brought various movements to the competition. Usually we try to make a presentation of the players who have never played in Spain before, nor have we mentioned in any scouting above, although sometimes … Read more

Maconda, Jacobs and Jarumbauskas: three “unknowns” in LEB Oro

NFL News – Thursday July 28 2022

Let no one take the title of this article wrong, with which we only want to present three players who join the LEB Oro without being on our monitoring radar but who can perfectly surprise this coming year. Jose Dimitri MacondaNetherlands – Angola / 2001 / 187cmJuaristi ISB Without the Baskonia – Iraurgi connection present … Read more

Local teams do not fail. This is how Day 1 of the LEB Oro Playoffs went

Local teams do not fail This is how Day 1

The LEB Oro Playoffs started and in the first game of the quarterfinals the local teams asserted home court advantage to get ahead in the respective qualifiers. Basketball Girona, Palencia, Lleida and Students did their homework. This was Day 1: Basketball Girona 74-66 Leyma Basketball Coruna The Catalan team was ahead on the scoreboard for … Read more

Marc Gasol changes the face of Girona with stratospheric numbers: abuse of power in the LEB Oro?

Marc Gasol changes the face of Girona with stratospheric numbers

The Girona Basketball It is another very different team from the arrival to the field of Marc Gasol. “I want to be happy every day, help my teammates on the track and make them and people enjoy themselves. I want to make Fontajau enjoy (…) I have lived everything that can be lived as a … Read more