“The defense gives us the peace of mind of being in the game”

Verdirrojo defeated Unión Atlética, in figures of 90-79. After the second-hour Play In duel. Básquet Total, spoke with Martín Aguilera.

“We want to reverse the last two games shown and return to the level with which we started the championship. We can defend lasted and attack calmly and thus, we will be able to take out what happens and those who touch us “, Aguilera stressed.

Martin continued analyzing the game: “Only in a few moments did they come to us and we knew how to keep calm. When our coach asked for a minute, it was essential to get back to the game we were in. The defense always has to be tough and leave less space for the opponent, and always keep all the rebounds. On offense, luckily, a lot of balls came in from outside, but defense gives us the peace of mind of being in the game ”.

After the minute requested by Ortega, the Cerro team came out with a different attitude and began to mark the field and their game. Aguilera tells us that he told them: “The coach in the minute asks us to increase our concentration. We had a game plan that we have to fulfill and that is why we have a coach and a coaching staff, who give us the tools to be able to defend and attack calmly. Regardless of the timing of the game, they always have a plan. We know the defects that they have in defense and we must attack from the places they leave ”.

Martin Aguilera continued to explain to us that they should improve, despite having won: “No matter how much you win, you always have mistakes, and you must correct them. Lately, every step we take in this Play In phase, we have to make as few mistakes as possible in order to continue advancing as high as we can ”.

The Play In series was tied in one match each. Next Thursday they will face each other again. Aguilera was consulted, if you look beyond your rival on duty: “No, we do not focus on Lagomar. From the start of the tournament we go as always, match by match. Now we will have to play next Thursday, and there we will focus only on Unión Atlética. Later we will see what can happen. “

Verdirrojo when defeating Unión Atlética, tied the series, in which he had a Dotti on the 6.75 meter line. Aguilera tells us about the shot of three, and his role in this game: “I feel good in that role that I have to fulfill. We have been playing like this since before the championship starts, and we capture them in the regular phase. Lately the balls have not entered, but today they did come from the hand of Andrés Dotti and Giovanni Corbisiero. It seems to me that this is where the game has to happen and from there, start generating for others, because if we tend to cut off offensive movements, in attack we produce less. “