The funny anecdote of the day that Cristiano Ronaldo’s son met Messi: “He’s very small”

Cristiano Jr, son of Cristiano Ronaldo, is a fan of Lionel Messi (@mrahunter)

This Tuesday Dolores Aveiro, mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, was the star of the official podcast of the Sporting Lisbon. In a relaxed talk, the woman spoke about what her son is like in private life and recalled a funny anecdote starring her eldest grandson, Christian Junior, who is already 11 years old and longs to be a footballer.

The little boy is a great football fan and follows all of his father’s games, but also of the best teams in the world, including those of Barcelona and now those of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), because he turned out to be a great admirer of Lionel messi. This is how his father told it in 2015 during a Ballon d’Or gala: “He is always watching an internet video of us and he talks to me about you,” the Portuguese admitted to The flea in that ceremony. Now, the child’s grandmother has revealed another anecdote about it.

The same occurred at the award ceremony in 2014, which Ronaldo beat the Argentine and Frank Ribery. “I was with him and I told him, look at Messi,” recalled Dolores Aveiro about the moment she saw the then Barcelona footballer enter the venue. But her grandson’s response surprised her: “’That is not Messi. He’s very small. ‘ And he stood up. It was fun”.

With full sympathy, the mother of CR7 outlined compliments for Leo: “Messi is a good person. Very good person. It was funny that Cristiano Ronaldo JR said ‘this is Messi? He’s so small! ‘”. The following year, the little boy was able to shake his hand at the next ceremony.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his mother (EFE)
Cristiano Ronaldo with his mother (EFE)

The fanaticism of the eldest son of the Manchester United footballer is such that in December 2017, when he opened his Instagram account, which is managed by his family, his first post was for the captain of the Argentine team: “Thank you my idol ❤ @leomessi “, he wrote then, in a publication that he accompanied with a photo corresponding to the award gala The Best, held in October of that year.

On the other hand, Dolores Aveiro, a fervent supporter of Sporting Lisboa confessed that she wants her son to play there a little more, since he only did it for one season before being bought by the Red Devils of the Premier League. However, he proposed another option in case this is not possible “Cristiano said ‘we’ll see’… But if not, it’s Cristianinho! At his age, he plays better than Ronaldo “, said about the 11-year-old who until a few months ago was training in the quarry of the Juventus.