Francisco Lindor and Javier Báez relive what Adrián Beltré and Elvis Andrus did

The Puerto Ricans of the Mets from New York, Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez, starred this Tuesday in a defensive curiosity that made us remember other Latinos who shone in the Major League Baseball – MLB, it’s about Adrián Beltre and Elvis Andrus in the Texas Rangers.

Through this Tuesday’s game between the Mets and the Red Sox, Francisco Lindor and Javier Báez were involved in a defensive play that ended in an out and laughter, due to how curious it was and they relived in the infield what they did for many major seasons. Leagues with Rangers Adrián Beltre and Elvis Andrus, certainly something curious and funny at the same time.

But what happened?

Well, it turns out that Kyle Schwarber hit a ground ball for second base, which could have been dominated by Báez, but Lindor, who was charged a little towards the pad, intervened and ended up being the one who took the ball and retired the runner in first, thing that left in fielding position and shot the Mets waiter and also, the laughter was not lacking.

There is no doubt that Lindor was an intruder on this play and both Báez and pitcher Marcus Stroman let him know and he only greatly wavered this curious moment. In addition, we quickly had a trip to the past, specifically with the Texas Rangers team, when Beltré and Andrus did similar things, one got into the other’s play, but still ended up in an out (eye all this in a healthy and friendly way , fully controlled).

Beltré and Andrus in Texas

For many years, both the Venezuelan and the Dominican gave us funny things in the infield and today between Lindor and Báez we reviewed it, however, among the first mentioned we saw them more than everything in manageable highs, both armed their glove and shouted the popular “I’ll go”, then things were said and laughter was spread, being a way to enjoy his game in the Major Leagues.

Here is a memory: