The 5 of San Isidro 21/22 – DiarioSports – San Francisco

Four seniors will command the team, a couple from U23 and the rest will be juniors. This is how San Isidro was armed to fight in the Argentine League. The top 5, “pirincho” already has them.

Although Beltramo never started with the same 5 in all matches, of course the San Isidro coach sought to build an ideal and he already has it.

San Isidro will begin to play the Argentine League 2021/2022 in mid-October, starting the preseason on September 6 and for that day it will have a full squad, or at least what was agreed by managers and coaching staff. Although the regulation allows to play with 6 older chips and 3 U23, the Red Hawks want to bet on youngsters, so the four already hired would be the only ones.

The first step, the “saint” took strongly betting on the renewal of Juan Cruz Oberto. The one at Las Varillas has been growing exponentially, showing that it can be among the Top5 of the best interns in the category.

San Isidro Oberto

Then they went for the point guard and Milton Vittar ended up being the chosen one. The santiagueño has already passed through San Isidro, but in a brief step due to an injury that left him out in most of the games. Milton has enough curriculum to command the children of the red, knows how to print intensity and can command in the fixed attacks.

Milton Vittar

The guard, and one of those in charge of scoring, is José Montero. After his time at Hindú de Resistencia, he spent two years in the National League and that will be one of the key points to know if his readjustment to the category will make it fast or, like most players who “come down” from division, it costs them .

José Montero 2

Federico Zezular had his first season with prominence and responded above expectations. That is why he earned his place and the consideration of everyone in Corrientes Street. It will be his first year at U23.

Federico Zezular 2

Number 4 is Emilio Stucky, from Salta with a marked sacrifice and roll game; It suits defending men of stature, as well as on the perimeter. Its versatility will provide the team with different alternatives.


Milton Vittar, José Montero, Federico Zezular, Emilio Stucky and Juan Cruz Oberto; the “quintet” that is already insured in San Isidro. But the red roster doesn’t end there; The continuity of Santiago Assum was also ensured with all his scoring ability and the boys who ask for a clue like Jeremías Diotto, Jerónimo Suñé, Ignacio Cuesta, among others.