Pochettino, forced to defuse the first locker room bomb

Last Friday, PSG beat Brest 2-4 in another great offensive performance by the Parisians. However, and beyond the future of Mbappé, One of the images that the meeting left us was that of Keylor Navas, who, although he was a starter for the first time with Donnarumma in the call, cast doubt on being able to do something else in the two goals of Brest. A competition that can generate enough problems for Pochettino, since the Argentine coach did not want to make it clear at a press conference who will be the starting goalkeeper this season.

It is a decision that we must make like the rest in a squad of 27 and 28 players. A single goalkeeper plays. Decisions will be made in each game for the benefit of the group“, assured the Argentine coach. According to L’Equipe, Pochettino has not yet chosen his starting goalkeeper and it is something that disturbs the French press, which threatens a serious problem in the dressing room regarding the ownership of the goal.

The situation of Keylor Navas and Donnarumma is reminiscent of that of Trapp and Areola in the 2016/2017 season. During training sessions, Unai Emery, PSG coach at the time, used both of them as starters in various sequences of the different sessions. Neither of them knew in advance if he was going to start and the Parisian team ended the season losing Ligue 1 to Monaco and being eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

The irregularity of Keylor Navas at the start of the season, conceding five goals in the first three days of Ligue 1, has put his ownership in question. Donnarumma comes from being the best goalkeeper in the Euro Cup, he has been a starter at Milan for six years and his potential anticipates that we are facing the best young goalkeeper in the world. An added headache for Pochettino, who, in addition to the goalkeeping problem, will have to shape all the egos that he is going to find this season in the dressing room, all this seasoned with a tremendously stuck exit operation.