Fiorentina press for the loan of Pjanic

Fiorentina’s interest in acquiring the services of Miralem Pjanic continues to win integers in the absence of nine days for the transfer market to close. The Bosnian, to whom FC Barcelona offered the letter of freedom at the beginning of July as advanced by MD as well as Samuel Umtiti, has long understood their situation and the distrust of Ronald Koeman, which only made him play six games as a starter in the past League out of a total of 19 and has left him out of the call in the first two days of this campaign.

Hence, the 30-year-old international midfielder has long assumed the convenience of an exit that could end up having Florence as a destination. The viola club intends to take Pjanic on loan but the handicap today in the negotiation lies in the salary, considerable since the Balkan arrived at the Camp Nou from the Juventus after a very proven career. The current obstacle is the effort that the Barça to complement the record of a player who cost 60 million plus five in variables and who still has three years of contract. Of course, the Bosnian likes the idea of ​​returning to ‘calcium’, where he played in the Rome from 2011 to 2016 and in Turin from 2016 to 2020.

The Barça, endorsed by The league, has made a depreciation of some players for a total of 138 million euros. Among them is Pjanic. In this way, the 45 ‘kilos’ that remained to be amortized from the Bosnian will be less. In the case of a sale for a lower amount, the losses would have been lower and in other cases of footballers it can generate capital gains more easily. The club has not disclosed in detail the current net book value of Pjanic in books.

Pjanic, in a training session with Barça

Fiorentina press for the loan of Pjanic

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