The 3×3 Basketball Tournament organized by the Municipality of Punta Arenas ended successfully

80 participants ended this weekend the 3×3 Basketball Tournament organized by the Municipality of Punta Arenas, which included the participation of 18 teams registered in 3 categories, from 12 years of age.

“The most important thing is that for many days they were able to occupy a public space with sports, with a discipline that although it is true one saw it on television, now it is being installed in our city, which is 3×3 basketball, so we are very happy and we saw a whole group very motivated to continue, and from now on our commitment as the Municipal Sports Foundation and Sports Unit of the Municipality, is to continue with these championships”, said the mayor of Punta Arenas, Claudio Radonich.

The participants highlighted the possibility of participating in a tournament of these characteristics. “I liked it a lot, because it is something that takes you out of the house, makes you feel freer. So it’s a very good thing, it feels good,” said Cristóbal Salazar.

For his part, Esteban Barrientos, a participant in one of the winning teams, indicated that “it was very entertaining, very good level, the same as always, it developed well, the children still had plenty of skills, the championship was very good.”

The activity aimed resume sports activities, outdoors, that promote healthy living, and had the support of the AYAX Club, precursors of this type of sport in the region.

It should be noted that from Thursday, February 17 The Fourth Volleyball will start in the Plaza Esmeralda of the Prat neighborhoodwhere it is expected to have a good call.

For more information and to make registration, you can write to [email protected] or call +56968111275.

The winners of the 3×3 Basketball Tournament were the following:

Children’s Category

1st place: Blood T

2nd place: The Greens

3rd place: The XZ

Most correct player: Didier Boudon

Category Ladies

1st place: Killer Queen

2nd place: The Malvekes

3rd place: The Jordan 23

Best Player: Vanessa Cardenas

Most correct player: Mariana Vidal

Adult Category:

1st place: Air Express

2nd place: Team Heat

3rd place: Those of the Island (Future)

Best player: Esteban Barrientos

Most correct player: Ignacio Mansilla

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The 3×3 Basketball Tournament organized by the Municipality of Punta Arenas ended successfully