Scottie Pippen, in his memoirs: “Jordan ruined basketball …”

The disapprovals of Scottie pippen toward Michael Jordan. In addition to the weeks in which he has been commenting against his former partner, he must now help sell his memoir, which is already on sale. At Pippen reviews, helped by a writer like Michael Arkush, the experiences he has had in his sports career, in which Jordan has an absolutely fundamental role.

The recurring debate about who is the best player in NBA history is rampant. Everyone thinks about it. The documentary The last dance, aired last year, helped Jordan’s side, but the savagery of Curriculum vitae that LeBron James is amassing, now in the Lakers, expands the options as time goes by. On Unguarded, already in bookstores, Pippen also participates.

The one who was the best ally of Michael Jordan passes, without knowing with what purpose, next to LeBron James, ensuring that he is the best who has ever played basketball. To do this, he uses a personal experience about the transfer of the sport from the professional field to the one that is not because of Jordan’s malpractice with the Bulls, in which he expands.

“I’ll go as far as to say that Mike ruined basketball. In the 80s, in the parks, you had everyone moving the ball and passing to help the team. That stopped in the 90s. The kids wanted to ‘be like Mike.’ Well, Mike didn’t want to pass the ball, but he didn’t want to rebound or defend the best player on the opposing team. He wanted us to do everything for him. That’s why I’ve always believed that LeBron James is the one. best that he has played this sport, he does everything and represents everything that this game is about “

Pippen’s perception doesn’t carry over to the numbers or the accolades Jordan has after his NBA career. If we talk about defending … The first MVP of the Season was won by the Defensive Player of the Year award in 1988. He has been in the best quintet at a defensive level nine times, so it was no coincidence. He has been in the top-20 twice this season in blocks without even being an inside player. His specialty was robbery, a category that he led in three different courses. If we talk about passing … Normal that he prioritized gambling himself when until his first withdrawal he averaged 32.3 points per game with 51.6% accuracy. In the three seasons of his first hat-trick with Chicago, he surpassed his career average of 5.7 in assists per game during the title series.

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Scottie Pippen, in his memoirs: “Jordan ruined basketball …”