The end of an era is coming in Cruz Azul

To the loss of Orbelín Pineda, there are players who end their contract, they were not up to the task and do not maintain a good relationship with the board

The end of an era in Cruz Azul is looming in the coming days. ESPN has been able to confirm with various sources that several players will leave the institution in this winter market, thus ending a time when the vast majority of these players achieved the ninth star last May.

The informants mentioned that there is discontent of the board and the coaching staff with some footballers due to what they called a lack of commitment and an attitude that was not up to the greatness of Cruz Azul nor from the team that was supposed to defend the title.

Down, already confirmed, of the Mexican national team Orbelín Pineda, who decided not to renew his contract to emigrate as a free player to Celta Vigo As of January 1, cases such as the South Americans are added Yoshimar Yotún, Walter Montoya and Lucas passerini, who will not continue in Cruz Azul.

Yotún and Montoya will run out of contracts on December 31 and there are no plans to renew any of them., with which they will be able to go out to the team with which they are arranged without the celestial club receiving anything in return. In the case of “Passe”, his performance caused disappointment in the team and he is one of the elements that no longer have a place for the next tournament, but an accommodation has to be found for him as he has one year left on his contract.

As in the case of Passerini, the performance of the reinforcements Luis Angel Mendoza and Romulo Otero It was well below what the club expected, which is why neither has a guaranteed continuity with La Maquina, beyond the fact that they have barely been in the team for 6 months and both have a current contract.

A concern for the cement institution will be the future of Jonathan Rodriguez and Luis Romo, since several sources assure that neither of the two elements is entirely happy in Cruz Azul and neither is the club with them, with which, by subtracting a year from their contract, any offer that comes from MLS will be analyzed, with the “Cabecita “, And from Spain by Romo, in order to make” cash “and prevent them from leaving for free as several players.

Another case is that of Alexis Pena, from whom there is no guarantee that Cruz Azul will make valid the option to purchase the 25-year power station after a one-year loan stay in the teamAlthough the decision on his return to Chivas or on paying the 1.5 million dollars that his pass is worth has not been made nor is it a priority for the cement board for now.

Regarding the elements of the first team that would like to have more minutes on the court, such as the archers Andres Gudiño, Sebastian Jurado, the defenders Jaiber Jimenez and Josué Reyes, and the steering wheel Alexis Gutierrez, the club is willing to listen to offers for any of them or even to use them as bargaining chips for reinforcements that Cruz Azul will require, especially if between 7 and 10 footballers leave the institution in the next two months.


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The end of an era is coming in Cruz Azul