Quick guide to the EBA AA 2021/2022

Despite the fact that @jlcobom, regular editor of the EBA AA League Guide, is working hard, we did not want to leave this subgroup empty at this start of the campaign, so we review the main details in the form of a Quick Guide, analyzing Featured teams and players. An AA Group that is made up of teams from Euskadi (7), Cantabria (4), Navarra (2), Castilla y León (2) and La Rioja (1).

Mondragon Unibertsitatea it will once again be one course plus one of the candidates for everything. It maintains the block, except for Carrera’s march, and continues to have key players (Dani Lorenzo, Martín Buesa), with secondary players that grow every day (Mancebo, Balanzategi, Ramón) and with the projection of Atxa. They have been joined by two significant signings in the league such as the interior Orue-Mazaga and the strength of the exterior Sergio Iglesias.

CB Valle de Egüés maintains its hard core (Lacunza, Calvo, Konan, Otxotorena), which is joined by the star reinforcement of a Nicolás Uriz who will replace the loss of Pablo Fernández (Silver). Ardoi mega shoes, another classic Navarrese team, is also committed to continuity (Zabaleta, Savitski, Urtasun, Matos…) and will seek with it to return to a high level of competitiveness.

A team top it is Cantbasket04, which has formed a compact bloc despite the loss of revenue caused by Covid restrictions. A fairly renewed team that will be aspiring to everything again. He has signed good foreigners, arriving the Bahamian international Chicken Knowles (after training in Houston and several years in his country he begins the European adventure), the powerful Felizor in the ‘four’, the difference factor in the perimeter with the physicist of the Dominican Óscar Cabrera and returnee Esben Reinholt (should be the scorer on the perimeter). The national signings are the young Juan Sáez (he arrives from the Real Valladolid subsidiary to provide verticality) and a Pablo Martínez who arrives from Silver and who will ensure direction of the game, where Franco Ruesga will also support. The local flavor will be put by players like Otero and Alejo Rúa-Figueroa.

LBC Cocinas.com He has mounted a project to be in the upper zone after his successful debut at EBA. The team led by Nacho Arbués maintains its important players with experience in Leb leagues such as Borja Arévalo, Brais Gago, García Laya, Daniel López and adds young people such as Obajo and Ramos, with three important reinforcements to underpin the project: center Christopher Iza ( after many years in LEB, although practically without playing at all last season), the offensive machine José Antonio López (returns to Logroño facing the last phase of recovery from his injury) and a shooter like Martí Duch.

There are two ACB subsidiaries in the competition. One of them is a Nissan Santiago Group (Miraflores B) who has seen their important players go to higher levels; But the team has been reinforced with good projects from other ACB quarries such as Álvaro Martínez and Bernad Edokpayi, or even internationals like Gonzalo Corbalán from Argentina after his good U19 World Cup. In the ‘one’, having Ángel Infante offers security; In addition, Edu Carpintero returns, with players such as Pistoljevic, Dāvis Grīnbergs and Fall coming up from the Junior. The other ACB subsidiary is Baskonia, where Ricardo Úriz will premiere after hanging up his shoes and who has changed his appearance a bit with junior hands, some veteran tutor and leaving room for the generation of 2003. Maxi Solé arrives from Real Madrid to show them on a daily basis the “Another basketball”; a Marcos Portález that should dominate the category also lands in the painting. From the 2003 generation come strong players such as Pape Sow, Querejeta, López-Tirador, Sigismonti and Lasarte. Watch out for the signing of 2002 Venezuelan point guard Franger Pirela, who arrives after being one of the most outstanding U22 players in Group B. All of them will be joined by juniors like Diakhate or Seydina Faye.

Be very careful CB Santurtzi SK, because they have very good players from last year and they have added good reinforcements. Players like Juan Orellano and Artiñano provide solidity, while the second unit always delivers (Mazo, Losada, Bingen Pérez, Niang, Manjón). Several have been the reinforcements such as the return of Albisu to one after his passage through Cantabria, Ander Pérez will give centimeters to the ‘five’, Zamora always complies in the backcourt, and Barandalla will give strength with his youth.

Third shift in Pas Piélagos, who changes coach but not offensive reference, as he will have Sutina again. Renedo’s painting will seek that its young generations gain experience (Sánchez, Solórzano, Pablo Fernández). In addition, for the ‘five’ two players with centimeters have arrived like the Nigerian Uzamere and the young Dani Martín. For their part, their neighbors from CB Solar They have made an effort to retain last season’s MVP: British tower Kaj Sherman. Asier Gordo has managed to make his ideal five repeat with him, because in addition to Sherman, Sepúlveda, Diego García, Sergio García and Saúl Alonso follow. To reinforce the team, point guard Jon Peña (with plenty of experience) and the physical versatility of Destiny-Osas Gascón have arrived. Close the Cantabrian trident on Becedo Santander from Chisco Marañón; With their young values ​​on the rise (Gil, De Haro, Ismael Diarra), the complements are those incorporated Diego Ibarlucea, the Argentine guard Lautaro Suárez or David Melero, who is a total all-rounder in EBA and will be key in the team.

Another classic team that remains in the category is Easo Bodegas Muga, which has sought continuity with an interesting inner game (Dorronsoro, Segurola, Urtxulutegi and Sarasola). On the outside, the Arrietas, Etxezarreta, Urko González and Aranzábal will seek to surprise to try to go as far as possible. Last season Ulacia Zarautz he did a very good course, something he wants to do again; continues his home block, continues inside Romero (showed claw) and the new signing is the skillful combo guard Guerrero from Madrid, plus the impudence of Mendive from Tabirako.

Three teams arrive from Nacional. One of them is Leioa SBT, who has risen with a young block that has worked for years and has now given the results, with excellent defensive work and a lot of pace. He has sought experience in EBA with Torres and then youth with Pedrosa, who arrives from the Bilbao subsidiary, with Van Koningsloo doing the same from Tabirako. The star signing is Joseba Estalayo, a player who always did dirty work in Zornotza and now we will see in other tasks. The second team in question is Sale of Bathrooms Veymaq OK Hotels, a very young team that has seen how they have joined Zubeldia, Kraljić, De los Ojos, those linked to Palencia de Oro, which have meant a leap in quality. Thanks to this agreement, the base Pablo Rodrigo, former youth squad of Real Madrid and Fuenlabrada, the promise of Palencia Adrián Froufe, the claw in the painting of Jaime Queralt-Lortzing and, from Argentina, Alejo Díaz, brother of Mateo Díaz (Gold). . Finally, the Getxo SBT by Imanol Adán, which has players who know the category and with quality such as Ander Fernández, Xabi Vega or Joseba Iglesias, who are joined by men like Del Val, who arrives from the Bilbao subsidiary.

With the six descents tightening the razor’s edge, the AA subgroup is seen from the outside as a very even group in which dynamics can be important; And it is that although several teams want to look up, they can be doomed to the area below. In the upper zone there are several candidates to overthrow Ointxe from the first position that has taken over the last two seasons; the F4 positions to fight for the last ticket to be in the FF will be space for several teams that have bet heavily on their squads.