Failure? Mets officially out of MLB playoffs

Another lost season for the New York Mets that have been mathematically left out of the fight for the National wild card, leaving the fans wanting and everyone wondering what happened this time with the Metropolitans?

We have some theories, which we will not analyze in depth in this note but which we want to put on the table:

  1. The signatures did not work: Neither Lindor, nor Baez, nor anyone else were the difference. Or do you place someone as decisive here as Arenado has been on the Cardinals or Scherzer on the Dodgers?
  2. Injuries: and here we stop at one that has broken our hearts and left Jacob DeGroom without when he painted to leave one of the best seasons of his career (and of all time in MLB pitching).
  3. Manager? We don’t blame Rojas, because little could be done with that bull pen. Let’s face it, a current manager is one of the little things he controls with so much analytics and statistics in modern baseball: bullpen changes.
  4. And finally the Mets being the Mets: everything that can go wrong always goes wrong, they started well, then meh and in the end the same thing again JAJJAJA.

Now actually the interesting thing is to think that there is in the future of the Mets, because they already have the basis for a playoff team. So here we leave three questions for the future of the Mets:

1.- Is Rojas staying or is he leaving?

Fundamental question, paradoxically, because even if he doesn’t do much the manager sets the line of behavior and attitude on the bench and gives the impression that Rojas did not perform as expected.

Would you let him?

2.- The Javy Baez case

Renew Mago Baez year or not? Another great question for the Mets board of directors that will have to calculate if what they saw of Baez these weeks they liked or if it was more of a party and showin off of the Puerto Rican.

Let’s remember that episode with the Yankes and the Lindor fight, outside of that, do you remember anything else? (without beating)

3.- Starting pitching

Without DeGrom and with Syndergaard out, the Metropolitans’ starting pitching showed a great weakness: They don’t have much depth!

Neither Stroman nor Tijuan are long-out pitchers, and that weighed in midseason (when the Mets collapsed) overloading the closing and middle pitching.

Urge a pair of arms that eat tickets in that rotation.