Pitbull Club: The story of a team that marks a new beginning in national basketball

It is because of that sport came to the headquarters of this institution, which at the same time works as a non-governmental organization (NGO), helping young people from the most vulnerable areas of Lima to find a beneficial space within sports. Namely, pitbull it is not only a club, but also a tool for social change.

the beginning of a dream

The pandemic and quarantine of 2020 was a hard blow for many. However, for others it was an opportunity to create new ideas, uniting them with their greatest passions. So is the case with Peter Hermozawho has dedicated most of his life focused on sports, specifically with a ball and a basket.

His great experience has allowed him to travel to Argentina Already Chili as a first team assistant for the Peruvian national team. Not satisfied with that, Pedro understood from the start to assume a great responsibility for the well-being of basketball in the country, which, unfortunately, is in one of its worst stages.

“I have loved basketball since high school and I am dedicated to what basketball is, I am a FIBA ​​coach, I have coached several clubs and I wanted to serve my community. So, I know what I do best and I do it with love.” he points with a smile.

Given this, he was born pitbulla basketball club that seeks to encourage and develop the practice of sports, forging values ​​in the youngest in the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo. “I had this desire to create the club and one day I was sitting down and I asked myself: ‘How do I put a name that identifies us all?’ I see my dog ​​and I say: ‘Ok, Urco, what do I do?’ And the other one approaches and there I said: ‘he will be called Pitbull’, because pitbull is a dog created towards excellence and that is what we try to do ”he points out.

Currently the club has 150 students, of which approximately 30 are of the competitive level, because thanks to their talent, different universities bet on them, granting them half a scholarship.

“We have had the opportunity to support some young people and for them to demonstrate the sport they are practicing”points out and clarifies that, despite this, they are still seeking support from some brands that are committed to the club’s main objective. “What we have has been the work of the board, also the support of some parents, friends. We still do not have support from private companies, we are looking because we need a little more logistics and infrastructure”manifests.

Light of hope

How do you remember the Peruvian Basketball Sports Federation (FDPB) has been suspended from all international competition for the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) since 2018, this due to the bad electoral processes that were maintained in the organization. However, recently it became known about a new directive headed by Victor Cisneros Colchadowhich would give the green light for FIBA’s approval.

“We have to structure ourselves for that, work is being done, once again the president of the Federation has been recognized and that is a point so that we can all push the car and work for society and for youth”Peter maintains.

While waiting for a response from the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD), regarding FIBA’s recognition of the FDPB, pitbull continues its course and continues to show its full potential in the Lime League since this year in the Under 19 category, finishing fourth out of a total of eight teams.

“We are in the Lime Leaguewhich is the maximum competitive here, thanks to this the universities can see the ability of the players”declared in the hope of being able to continue directing more young people. “Not everyone becomes an elite athlete, but we believe in creating conscientious people who contribute to society”he explained.

This is how a society with little visibility in basketball is reborn from the rubble after eight years, since Peruvian history has been accompanied by great masters of the orange ball such as the brothers Duarte. It’s more, Ricardo Duarte broke it in the Tokyo Olympics 1964, where he was the top scorer in the competition. This made him worthy of being included in the list of the 50 best players of the 70s, according to the FIBA.

It should be noted that the Peruvian basketball team also has important achievements, such as the gold medal in the South American Championship 1938. Two silver medals are also recorded in this competition, in the 1941 and 1969 editions; in addition to four bronze discs: 1943, 1966, 1968 and 1973.

Today the idea of pitbullfrom the hand of Peter Hermoza is that the red and white is nourished again by important players as we had in other times. However, the club Villa Maria del Triunfo It also requires support, especially private support, to continue moving towards its goal.

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Pitbull Club: The story of a team that marks a new beginning in national basketball