National League: classified to playoffs, reclassification and permanence

The National League It has already entered its final stretch and shows different scenarios regarding the classification to playoffs, the reclassifiers and the fight for permanence. It is already known that Quimsa (27-8) secured the 1st place of the standings and who qualified for the quarterfinals together with Gym (25-12, 2nd), Penarol (24-12, 3rd) and Institute (24-13, 4th), while regattas (22-15, 5th), Ferro (21-15, 6th), San Martin (21-15, 7th), Mouth (20-15, 8th), Obera (21-16, 9th) and Olympic (18-19, 10th) are inside the reclassifiers. Besides, Hispanic (11-25) will finish in last place and must play for the permanence.

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However, there are still two vacancies within the requalifiers for the quarterfinals and there are nine teams who keep their hopes of entering. At the moment, they are: Plays (15-21, 11th), San Lorenzo (15-21, 12th), Creek (15-21, 13th), Platense (15-22, 14°), Communications (15-22, 15°), Athens (14-22, 16°), The Union (14-23, 17°), Argentinian (13-23, 18°) and Union (13-23, 19th). They all have 36 games played so far except Communications and Platensethat have 37. Each team will finish the regular phase having played 38 encounters.

Riachuelo will play this Thursday against Atenas.

Riachuelo will play this Thursday against Atenas.

This is how the last two places and permanence are defined

The Rocker and the Cyclone are the ones who would be keeping the last two tickets heading to the playoffs. However, they still have two games to play and everything can change depending on the next results.

This Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Works will receive the pointer Quimsa and then will close on Monday 18 before Ferro. For its part, San Lorenzo will be the local of the people of Santiago this Saturday, while visiting Gym Monday. If they both earn what they have left, they will enter. That yes, the fixture of those of Boedo is not at all simple: he will face the first and the second of the regular stage. In addition, he will have to travel to Comodoro Rivadavia.

Another one that is close is Riachuelo. Despite having the same record as San Lorenzo and Obras, he is currently out of reclassification due to being at a disadvantage in the direct duel against these teams. The people of La Rioja will receive this Thursday at 10 p.m. in Athenswho is also expectant although he does not neglect his fight to fall in the playoff of permanence.

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The possible tie between nine teams

A possible scenario, although difficult, is that a tie occurs between nine teams. If that were to happen, meaning everyone ends up with a record of 15 wins and 23 losses, San Lorenzo and Athens would enter the reclassification. While, Creek He would play against Hispano for permanence, since he would be the one with the worst records in individual duels.

San Lorenzo wants to fasten its classification against Quimsa and Gimnasia.

San Lorenzo wants to fasten its classification against Quimsa and Gimnasia.

The results that should occur for this scenario to be possible are the following: that Obras, San Lorenzo and Riachuelo lose everything you have leftwhat Platense fall in his last duel against Mouthwhat Communications be defeated by Obera and that La Unión, Argentino and Unión win the matches that lie ahead.

This is how the regular phase ends

Works: vs. Quimsa, local, and Ferro visitor

Saint Lawrence: vs. Quimsa (L) and Gymnastics (V)

Creek: vs. Athens and Olympic, both local

Platense: vs. local mouth

Communications: vs. Visitor’s oberá

The Union: vs. local regattas

Argentine: vs. Peñarol and San Martín, both at home

Union: vs. San Martin and Peñarol, both in Santa Fe

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National League: classified to playoffs, reclassification and permanence