“I am very happy to be in Danubio”

In an exciting match until the last shot, Danubio managed to hit first and one of those responsible was Ángel Varela. After the game, he left his words.

From the great point that the team got without playing well but closing better, he left: “We were not the favorites. Later, due to injury situations, we arrived with favoritism through the press, because we had the entire squad. This is Playoffs, it is very difficult and the first point marks a lot. They have talent, they have good players, we don’t play our best basketball, but we keep the point. “

“Today we abuse the outside shot too much. We are the best team pulling three, but you have to read and know when it does not enter to change. They played change in all the curtains and led us to make bad decisions and we did it. The good thing is that we reacted on time, this team is gaining maturity and solidity, and that was reflected in the end “, he analyzed with respect to how the team played and the errors that he had that in the end could be solved.

The change for the second half was important. From this, he marked: “We have to read the game better and earlier. It is not always necessary to post to the inmates, because it is logical that they close down and complicate us. We have to play the pick and roll more in speed to be able to generate more spaces ”.

“What happened today is like when you go three up and you have to cut but you stop pulling three. They are strategy games, they shot very fast and we had a lot of space left. He gave Sebastián (Álvarez) what he wanted to do. These are technical management situations, luckily it helped us “said of the end and Stockolmo’s option to serve with 14 seconds with 23 remaining.

From the moment of the team, he expressed: “We come off a very nice streak and basketball is a game of streaks. So now is the time to take advantage of it. We haven’t won anything yet, but they are precious instances and starting 1-0 is divine. You have to work on the one that comes ”.

“You have to take your hat off with this club. I arrived an hour before the pass period ends, they have treated me divine, I am very happy to be in Danubio and to give Guido (Fernández) a hand “He commented on his current status in the fringing.