“Giving this promotion to all the fans is incredible”

Nicolás Pereyra was one of the fundamental pieces in the promotion of Stockolmo to the next League, the point guard once the game ended left his feelings of victory and how he lived the contest.

Two participations in the Metro, two years in Stockolmo, Nicolás did not take this promotion as revenge, he enjoyed it and was key in the crowning of this achievement for the Prado team

“The truth is, I am extremely happy, to be able to give him this victory and this promotion to the whole fan base is incredible since I have great affection for this team because it is the only one I played for in El Metro these two years, so it is incredible . “ They were the first words of the base.

Nicolás made it clear that they worked and always thought promotion was possible: “From the beginning we believed we were qualified for this, perhaps many people outside the team did not trust so much, but we knew that we had very good players, that we could achieve this championship and luckily we got promotion and we are very happy, because last year it escaped us. “

Stockolmo showed an idea of ​​the game throughout the entire tournament, strengthened players and maintained the structure, before this Pereyra emphasized: “Our game is based a lot on intensity, then moving forward with Tony (Danridge) and Galletto are key, finding them is essential because from there, they make us play, they open our shots and both Mateo (Giano) and I take advantage of that, I think that out there we had a lot of advantage and we knew how to take advantage of it. “

Nicolás spoke about his game, intensity and confidence that he has from the perimeter: “The team and the coach give me the confidence to shoot, I shoot my shots, I don’t care if I go 0/10, I keep looking, the truth is that that’s a lot because Gonzalo (Fernández) tells me to keep shooting. I know that at some point the ball is going to come in, luckily today at the end I was able to pocket some to be important and to be able to celebrate ”.

From the outside, Gonzalo Fernández is seen very effusive, energetic, the base left some concepts of the coach: “He’s a bit crazy how he looks, but he’s tremendous people, he’s a great coach, he always keeps you going, I’m very happy to have him in the team because he has an idea that defends it and transmits it to us very well.”

To finish, although the objective was met, now they want the icing on the cake: “We know that the objective is more than fulfilled, but we want to go for the championship, but we are already here, we want to go to win. We know that the fans with the promotion are already happy, so are we, but we want more. “