Final blow to Kyrie Irving

Kyrie irving He is pushed aside by the Brooklyn Nets for not wanting to get vaccinated, which is a serious problem for a team that plays in New York. The city follows a strict protocol for stars of shows like the NBA, and even raised its hand so that it could train by labeling the place as private, but even then an understanding is not reached. The player has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and in that state he cannot play home games at the Barclays CenterTherefore, the franchise decided to set him apart until he can practice the profession full time and not just going to meetings that take place outside the home.

In the city there is an institutional movement. A new mayor will take office on January 1. Eric Adams will replace Bill de Blasio. The new tenant of the mayor’s office has been asked about the situation of Kyrie Irving in an interview on CNN and the politician has left the ball, without much sense, on the roof of the NBA. “New York City is not going to change any rules. It is up to the NBA and Kyrie to reach an understanding to keep him in the Nets and continue to watch over all the athletes who come to play here. I think they will fix it.”, said.

Eric Adams does not make a good debut in this regard, since in reality the legal competition belongs to New York, which is what has put the regulation to deal with the pandemic, and the Nets have adapted to it by taking a decision already explained by Sean Marks. LThe NBA does not reject unvaccinated players, it is not written anywhere, there are still those who play games this season. Whether or not it is a pressure tool for Adam Silver to move, which is unlikely given that Kyrie’s is the only such problem at this point, the city’s mayor-elect views the conflict in this particular way.

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Adams, a retired African-American police officer now involved in politics, had created some debate by winning his position as mayor by assuring that he would review COVID protocols. That is why the new statement is not cold but icy water, in which the councilor confirms that the rule will continue as it is right now, at least for a long time.

“That’s his determination, it’s his body. I can’t dictate anything to him, he has to do whatever he wants.”, he pointed. “I’m a Nets fan and I love Kyrie. I think he’s a piece we need to win the championship.”he added.

Irving is under contract and controlled by the team, but he cannot meet with his teammates or do a group routine until these COVID regulations change or the position of his team on his or her status regarding vaccination changes. Nash, after hearing what the new mayor said, alluded to the cohesion of the group in what clarifies the mess.

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Final blow to Kyrie Irving