Draymond Green, the sorcerer of the “ghost pass” that revolutionized NBA fans

The NBA always offers incredible moments. Luka Doncic’s 60 points, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 55 or Donovan Mitchell’s 71, all registered trademarks this year, seem like details when the play that took over social networks and aroused the madness of the fans appears on the scene. In the match between Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were in charge of developing a defensive action that drove many crazy and generated all kinds of speculation. The “ghost” pass between the stars of the San Francisco franchise aroused astonishment and even some were encouraged to ensure that it was “Bluetooth assistance.”

In the victory of the Warriors over the Atlanta Hawks by 143 to 141, the spectators were surprised. It’s just that in the first quarter of the game played Tuesday, no one could explain how Draymond Green gave Klay Thompson an assist so he could take a three-point shot. After the pass, social networks exploded. Even the NBA’s own Twitter account wondered how he managed to give him the pass. And on the same poster they wrote: “Sorry Draymond, we know magicians hate having their secrets revealed”, since they showed with another camera how he managed to put the ball in Thompson’s hands.

Draymond Green, the sorcerer of the “ghost pass” that revolutionized NBA fans

The publications multiplied in the networks. Some claimed that Green was a witch, that’s why he managed to assist his teammate without being able to see the trajectory of the pass. Shaquille O’Neall began to debate with his followers in a live Instagram and the Warriors’ power forward himself laughed at what happened and published the play in stories on his personal account with the phrase: “A glitch in the Matrix”, with a laughing emoji.

Green received the ball behind the three-point line and set up the screen to set up perimeter shooting specialist Thompson. When the escort broke free from the mark of him, De’Andre Hunter, the camera did not get to capture the moment in which Green stopped having the ball in his possession to hand over to Thompson. At that moment, a discussion began on social networks with different theories and hypotheses about how Draymond did it to deceive even viewers.

Draymond Green, the sorcerer of the

Draymond Green, the sorcerer of the “ghost pass” that revolutionized NBA fans

Now, when you can see the action from another of the cameras, it becomes clear that what happened with that play is that it is Thompson himself, due to the angle at which the transmission chamber is arranged, covers the path of the ball. And Green did nothing more than give a spike pass to the side so that his teammate was free to take that shot without opposition.

In some media in the United States, this play was taken as a joke, which is why the San Francisco site fansided.com wrote: “After 11 years of playing together, Golden State Warriors teammates Draymond Green and Klay Thompson , apparently they have developed an extrasensory connection on the court.

It was a night full of particularities, because beyond the fact that Draymond Green signed another list with 11 assists, that the Golden State Warriors reached their fifth consecutive victory without Stephen Curry (he is recovering from a subluxation in his left shoulder), that in the Chase Center experienced two overtimes, the first of which was forced by a triple on Donte DiVicenzo’s buzzer, the second won for the final victory with a layup from Kevon Looney, also at the last breath, Klay Thompson had a perfect day: 54 points ( 10/21 in triples).

A crazy closing against the Pistons

There’s always a new way to grab fans, the NBA doesn’t stop. That’s why at the end of last night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons the hearts of the fans of both franchises stopped. It looked like the Warriors were heading into overtime for the second straight game after Klay Thompson hit a game-tying 3-pointer with a second left in regulation, but Saddiq Bey had other plans as he hit a last-gasp 3-pointer. to give the Pistons the victory 122-119.

Bey tore through the Warriors’ shifting defense just in time for Hayes to find him, then hit a lopsided 3-pointer to silence the crowd at Chase Center. A brief check confirmed that he got it on time. “I had a second, so I didn’t have as much time to think, so I had to throw, so I’m thankful that he came in,” Bey said.

With this victory, Detroit ended the best streak of the season for the defending champion, who had accumulated five wins, without the current MVP of the last finals, Stephen Curry, he lost his 10th consecutive game.


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Draymond Green, the sorcerer of the “ghost pass” that revolutionized NBA fans