Return of Vince McMahon increased WWE shares

Vince McMahon WWE withdrew in July of last year as a result of being the target of a series of scandals related to a diversion of company money, and with it began a new era in the company. Stephanie McMahon Y Nick Khan assumed the management part as Co-CEO, while Triple H took over the creative direction. However, it seems that this “transition” could soon come to an end, after it was announced a few hours ago the possible return of the former boss of the company to retake the reins and plan a possible sale.

Vince McMahon-WWE

► WWE stock price increased

Precisely, since the news that had the Wall Street Journal as its epicenter, the price of WWE shares has skyrocketed. The news of a possible sale of the company has made the price of its shares increases by 12% in the market after closing. Coincidentally, Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics he also noted that Vince McMahon’s retirement also caused the stock price to rise a couple of months ago.

“WWE shares are up 12% currently on the secondary market. Possibly driven by the idea that Vince will return to sell the company

At the time of this writing, the share price of WWE stood at $79.99, which represents an increase of 11% in relation to the closing of operations, and this figure is very close to the maximum levels of the company in the last year.

Vince McMahon in WWE
Vince McMahon in WWE

On the other hand, another of the issues that this news could impact is the product itself, and everything involved in the creative part, starting with Triple H and including the Superstars. About, sean ross sapp did research on the subject, and the first reactions he got was the fact that they don’t think they will be affected by the news. However, depending on the extent of Vince McMahon’s intended involvement upon his return, this could change.

«We will work to collect reactions to the word of Vince McMahon forcing his return to the company. As of now, most of the talents are under the impression that SHOULD NOT affect them.”

While there is no official confirmation from WWE or Vince McMahon regarding the sale of the company, we cannot completely rule it out given everything that has happened in the last year. We will have to wait and see if Vince will actually sell his company, but this announcement for sure It will bring a lot of tail and topics to analyze, at an administrative, financial and creative level.

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Return of Vince McMahon increased WWE shares