Dr. Javier Sciuto, scientist and biostatistician “The pandemic has been promoted by pharmaceutical companies with the complicity of governments with conflicts of interest” | Daily Change

By Julio Aguirrezabal

Accompanying the presentation of the book: “False Positives” that was presented in Salto as part of a tour throughout the country, the biostatistician Dr. Javier Sciuto was in the editorial office of CAMBIO, offering his arguments for which, he assures the pandemic is a lie. The scientist – who advised several pharmaceutical companies – said that more than 9,000 Uruguayans died and spoke of genocide to describe what he considers was the pandemic that had the complicity of many governments with the objective of social control and population reduction.

-What expectations do you have with this book?

– So far it has been growing. Even the amount of public that accessed each of the presentation events in the country has been increasing and we have gone from less to more. In Paysandú, for example, there were no less than 70 people. Today it is very striking that people are interested in a physical book, because today everything is in digital format. But this is part of our history, that is, the story not told by the official voices when precisely what exists is censorship. Note that all the publications that have been made on behalf of our group are censored and deleted from social networks. Therefore, this book will remain as a kind of record and backup of what really happened. With the argument not only of Uruguayan scientists, communicators, doctors, but also from abroad. I mean, we’re talking about the world’s leading doctors and scientists who are against this whole charade.

-What is the farce?

-The cover of the book says so. False positives. The great farce of all this is the PCR test that gives positive results when the person does not have any virus or disease, ergo it is called false positives as a statistical concept. There was a pandemic with millions and millions of false positive tests around the world. They tell him that millions and millions of people have died with covid in the world and what is true is that they have died of covid, but there were millions of people who died of anything else and they were false positives. If anyone thinks otherwise, please explain to me why autopsies were not performed.

-Why was there no public debate with the MSP authorities on this issue?

-In the first place, you should ask them. I have always been open to discussion…

-…Did he bring it up?

-Many times. I was always open to debate and discuss scientifically with rigorous arguments with the members of the Gach (Honorary Scientific Advisory Group). The big problem is that there is a very unpleasant element, which is the conflict of interest. I don’t have them, I’m neutral, but those who made up the Gach and the Scientific Academy of the UdelaR defend other interests and that’s where the problem lies.

-From your words it can be inferred that there is also a conflict of interest in the media.

-Yes of course. The covid-19 virus is a media virus.

-Where is the conflict of interest in the big media?

– In the money, without any doubt. Great capital is injected into the media. These things are very difficult for a person on the street to be clear about. In the same way that within four walls they signed a contract that nothing is known about vaccines, the same thing happens with the media and with politicians.

What will happen to the vaccines? Even today the MSP continues to ask people to get vaccinated.

-The problem is in those who are being vaccinated. Because if they read a little they would understand that the manufacturer himself is telling them that if you get vaccinated you have 1,291 possible adverse events, among them the possibility of death. This was published by Pfizer, it’s not that I made it up, Pfizer said it.

-From your words it emerges that the Uruguayan State is herding us towards the “corral of death”.

-Possibly, it is a possibility. That’s why they don’t want to debate me with numbers, because what hurts them the most is whitewashing the information. From March 1 to December 31, 2021, compared to 2020, 9,091 more people died and those are Public Health figures. I mean, it increased the mortality rate by 28%, it’s a scandal.

-Covid product?

-That answer must be given by the government, not me.

-The increase in mortality is logical, because if we are in a pandemic it is reasonable that more people die.

-But in 2020 there was also a pandemic and not so many people died. Those who died from covid, according to Public Health, were an average of 87-90 years old. It’s a scandal, and I don’t like to use the word genocide, but I think we could dust off that word and put it on the table.

-Are you talking about a genocide of the governments of the whole world?

-Conflicts of interest are worldwide. That is why now Uruguay ran out to tear its clothes and sign with the World Health Organization (WHO) the surrender of its sanitary sovereignty…

-…It hasn’t been signed yet.

-It was not signed because, luckily, there were 47 countries that backed down, including Brazil. Otherwise, any virus that throws false positives must close the borders, shops, use of face masks and return to all that journey. On the other hand, all this was announced by Bill Gates, a billionaire who injects money into the Oxford academy, the WHO and owns pharmaceutical companies, I think it is very clear and that there is a denial mechanism in human beings who do not want to accept that they were deceived.

“In 2017 Bill Gates already spoke in

Germany of the emergence of smallpox

-The owners of the world, technically, would be the arms manufacturers, the oil companies and the pharmaceutical companies?

-Today it has been shown that the pharmaceutical industries are the most powerful of all, managing thousands and billions of dollars.

-Your only interest is economic?

-And also social control and population decline. This was said by Bill Gates at the 201 event

, where he talked about a pandemic, about vaccines, health checks, masks, they said everything months before. In 2017 there was a Biosecurity event in Germany and Bill Gates also spoke, at that time, about smallpox. Everything has been very clear, even if one reads the statement of the Pfizer laboratory on its website, they say that they have no proof that the inoculation is effective and assures in terms of adverse events.

-The great argument was the rush for the pandemic.

-Forgive me, science is not going that way. As much as there is a deadly agent, are they going to give people something that does not cure them of anything and can also kill them from a heart attack or stroke? This is why I want to discuss with those who were part of the Gach, because it is likely that they do not know this and that is the reason why the book “False Positives” was handed over to President Lacalle Pou.

-The government authorities never listened to you?

-They never called us. We wanted to talk to the President, but he never received us.

-Why do you consider that those who were part of the Gach do not come to the crossroads?

-Because they are afraid.

-Afraid of what?

-Of encountering realities that are not what they proclaim, of having to face the people they deceived.

-In another interview you told me that Julio Medina (Director of the Chair of Infectious Diseases at UdeLaR) had a conflict of interest. Does Dr. Julio Medina not know that reality or is it not convenient for him to discuss it because he is exposed to the conflict? of interests that you told us about?

-They won’t let him, because he’s going to look ridiculous.

– Who does not leave it?

I repeat, conflict of interest. The people he is tied to are the pharmaceutical industry and that was said by many journalists.

-Do you plan to become a political party in the future?

-We have to see how the circumstances unfold, but the idea is yes, little by little to form ourselves as a political party, because we consider that it is one of the ways to be able to achieve the objectives that we have proposed as a group. We have even requested a meeting with the President of the Republic, but so far he has not answered us, nor has he received us.

Meeting held in October 2019 with the participation of members of John Hopkins University (USA), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Economic Forum World. According to the deniers, it shows that the pandemic was foreseen, but, in reality, in the event 201

was only done“a simulation exercise of the pandemic”.

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Dr. Javier Sciuto, scientist and biostatistician “The pandemic has been promoted by pharmaceutical companies with the complicity of governments with conflicts of interest” | Daily Change